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Alignment Good

Appears in Rayman, R2, RR, M, R3, RRR, RRR2
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Sex Male
Species Raymanian
Status Hero

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Rayman is the hero of the Glade of Dreams. He is the creation of French game designer Michel Ancel, and has become a popular and recognizable video games character over the past decade.


Rayman is a typical Raymanian and as such he has no arms, legs or a neck - his hands, feet and head float around his body. He has a huge nose, similar to that of French comic character Asterix, and generally has blend of blonde and red hair, shaped into two fronds that are used as a helicopter (this became spikier as the series went on). He is normally dressed in a purple shirt that has a white ring on the chest, yellow and white trainers, white gloves, and a red neckerchief or hood, depending on the era. Certain pictures show his eyes being dark blue in colour.


Little is known about Rayman's origins, apart from the fact that he is the only being to have not been created by Polokus. He has no known relations, though he did have Raymanian friends in Rayman.