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#''[[Lac-Mac Napping]]'''
#''[[Lac-Mac Napping]]''
#''[[No Parking]]''
#''[[No Parking]]''
#''[[High Anxiety]]''
#''[[High Anxiety]]''
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* Carlos Alazraqui – [[Admiral Razorbeard]], [[Cookie]]
* Carlos Alazraqui – [[Admiral Razorbeard]], [[Cookie]]
* Danny Mann – [[Rigatoni]], [[Lac-Mac]], [[Inspector Grub]]
* Danny Mann – [[Rigatoni]], [[Lac-Mac]], [[Inspector Grub]]
* Carolyn Lawrence – [[Betina]] ([[Lac-Mac Napping]] and [[No Parking]])
* Carolyn Lawrence – [[Betina]] (''[[Lac-Mac Napping]]'' and ''[[No Parking]]'')
* Lacey Chabert – [[Betina]] ([[High Anxiety]])
* Lacey Chabert – [[Betina]] (''[[High Anxiety]]'')
* Kath Soucie – [[Betina]] ([[Big Date]])
* Kath Soucie – [[Betina]] (''[[Big Date]]'')
* Candi Millo – Additional Voices
* Candi Millo – Additional Voices
* Kate Donahue – Additional Voices
* Kate Donahue – Additional Voices

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Rayman: The Animated Series
Published by Ubi Soft
Developed by Ubi Soft

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Release date 1999
Genre CGI animated series
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Platforms DVD, VHS, televised broadcast
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Rayman: The Animated Series was a computer-animated TV programme based on the Rayman video games series. It was produced in 1999 as an accompaniment to the release of Rayman 2: The Great Escape in the same year. Although it was planned to be a full 13-episode series that was meant to be aired on TV worldwide the following year, the series was cancelled and only four episodes were produced, presumably due to poor writing and lack of funds despite being funded by the government of Quebec, Canada, and they were aired in very few countries in Europe, notably France, Germany (in which it was aired on Super RTL) and the Netherlands.


Rayman had already been captured by Admiral Razorbeard and is being held at Rigatoni's intergalactic circus - a giant tent which floats from one location to another, where he is made to do circus tricks. After being thrown in the dungeons, he soon meets four other prisoners, Betina, Cookie, Flips and Lac-Mac, who is the star of the circus show and therefore Rigatoni's favourite prisoner, and plans their escape. When they do escape, they end up on the run in the vast forest city of Aeropolis, where Inspector Grub is pursuing them under the orders of Rigatoni. Due to the cancellation of the series, it is unknown as to what was supposed to happen after the end of Big Date.





  1. Lac-Mac Napping
  2. No Parking
  3. High Anxiety
  4. Big Date
  5. My Fair Lac-Mac (cancelled)

Voice cast

English version

French version

  • Emmanuel Garijo – Rayman
  • Michel Elias – Rigatoni, Cookie, Inspector Grub
  • Patricia Legrand – Betina
  • Patrice Baudrier – Lac-Mac
  • Patrick Guillemin – Razorbeard
  • Philippe Bozo – Additional Voices
  • Catherine Hamilty – Additional Voices
  • Olivier Hémon – Additional Voices
  • Emmanuel Fouquet – Additional Voices
  • Marie Vincent – Additional Voices


Most of the characters who appear in Rayman: The Animated Series are rough equivalents of characters from Rayman 2: The Great Escape.

VHS and DVD releases

Although very rare, the Rayman animated series is available on VHS and DVD. An English VHS was released in the United States, while a French one can be found in France and Belgium. A DVD is also available, but only in France. Though the text on the cover is in French, the English and German versions are included as well as the French version. This is most likely to be found on major auction sites such as eBay.

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