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Rayman 2
Published by Gameloft
Developed by Ubisoft, Gameloft

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Release date 2010-2013
Genre 3D platformer
Gameplay mode Single player
Platforms iOS 3-11
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Rayman 2 (iOS) is a port of the Sega Dreamcast version from the game with the same name for iOS devices. The game was published by Gameloft on the App Store. In 2013 the game was removed from the App Store for unknown reasons. It is still downloadable under the Purchases tab for people who have previously downloaded it.

Comparison with other versions of Rayman 2

It is directly based on the Sega Dreamcast version of the game and includes all of the audio, graphical and aesthetic changes made to that version. However, all minigames and bonus games, including baby Globox racing, have been removed, presumably to limit the file size. In addition, minor glitches exclusive to the release exist:

  • Music looping is noticeable as there is a short delay before the track restarts again. This is glaringly obvious on the main menu and the Isle of Doors.
  • Music sometimes loops in inappropriate places, such as the victory music after defeating a Guardian. It also sometimes fails to stop at the proper time.
  • The 2D mushrooms that can be seen in the Woods of Light and other forested locations do not billboard properly in the iOS version. Rotating the camera around them reveals them to be impossibly thin 2D objects, and one side of the mushrooms looks different and much smaller than the other side. In other versions of the game, the large side is always facing the camera.
  • Some music cues have been changed, particularly in the Menhir Hills, where music now plays at the start of the level.
  • Globox Village has been removed. However, the level geometry itself stays the same, so the ledge used to access it still exists, along with the hint stone that explains Purple Lums. The Purple Lum itself is absent and the hint stone does not function.
  • The original release of the game included a glitch that caused the first switch at the Fairy Glade to be non-functional, barring the player's progress. This only happened on devices running iOS 4, and an update was released to fix it.
  • On the Isle of Doors, the player can hold down the enter button and move Rayman to another level; if the button is released at the right time, Rayman will not enter any level, but the camera will stay fixed where the camera was first held down. Rayman can explore the Isle of Doors without the camera following him.

Other changes include:

  • The slide at the beginning of the game can be controlled using the device's accelerometer (tilt controls). This is the only instance of tilt controls in the game.
  • The Knowledge of the World is accessed through the Help menu instead of using a button. As such, it cannot be accessed in-game. Oddly, Rayman can access all of the information at the start, rendering the collection of Yellow Lums essentially useless.
  • The Gauntlet cheat from the Dreamcast version (revealed in the Tomb of the Ancients secret area) can be used on the iOS version, though no text flashes across the screen.
  • The intro uses the same voice for Ly as from the PlayStation version, rather than the male voice used in the Dreamcast version.


As it was released relatively early to the App Store, it is compatible with all iOS devices, including the original iPhone and iPod touch, below iOS 11. However, it does not feature native iPad or Retina support (though the game can be forced to render at the Retina resolution using a jailbreak-only tweak known as Retinasizer). Performance-wise, an iPod touch 2G or better is recommended; an A5 device (iPhone 4S, iPod touch 5G, iPad 2) gives a solid 60FPS, even at the upscaled resolution.


In 2018 it was discovered that the composer Alexandre Jacob was originally tasked with recomposing the game's soundtrack due to a misunderstanding with using the original soundtrack by Éric Chevalier.[1] When being asked about this new version of the soundtrack he posted an example of the music played during the intro sequence to the game.[2]

Demo version

A free demo of the game was released on the App Store along with the paid, full version. It allowed the player to play up until the end of the Woods of Light. Interestingly, it also includes the Lift minigame from the Sega Dreamcast version, which is not accessible in the full version. This version has since been removed from the App Store.


Promotional images

Screenshots from the full version

Screenshots from the demo


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