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An early logo using the Rayman M font.
An early logo using the Rayman 2 font.

Rayman 3 underwent numerous changes during its development. This page notes findings in regards to said changes in development, and early visual items, such as screenshots and artwork.

Early development

Rayman fighting Razoff, showing the early HUD (head-up display).

During the early production stage of Rayman 3, early footage, screenshots and artwork show that development initially began with Rayman utilizing his design from Rayman 2, as opposed to the new redesign that debuted with the final game. Other early elements include unused areas, such as an underwater level, and differences with the HUD, which resembles the HUD of Rayman 2 in some early screenshots. Some screenshots appear fairly similar to the final game, but still show some differences in aesthetic and lighting. There was also several kinds of Hoodlums that were going to appear, but got scrapped from the final game.

Ghost levels

The third and fourth parts of the Bog of Murk appear to have originally been the same map, but ended up being separated. Both parts retained a prototype copy of the other where only a few gems are present, elements like meadowscrews are non-functional, and there aren't any enemies or cages. These areas can be accessed in-game with hacks or glitches.

Debugging features

There are two debugging features mistakenly left in the GameCube version of the game. The first one is in the first part of the Fairy Council: holding R + Start will cause Murfy to stop flying until the player lets go. The second is in the fourth part of the Desert of the Knaaren: pressing the same buttons will cause the text "Salle 01" (French for "Room 01") to appear in the bottom left of the screen. If the player then holds the R button and presses Up or Down on the D-Pad, the number can be changed up to 05. Holding R and pressing Left on the D-Pad will then cause Rayman to be teleported to a specific location, depending on what number was displayed.


Scrapped levels

Aquatic world

Main article: Aquatic world

There were plans to have a level included in the game known as the Aquatic world. It was scrapped before its official name could be revealed.

Chess minigame

Main article: Chess minigame

There were two minigames that were cut from the final version. One is called the Chess minigame. It was scrapped before its real title name could be revealed.

Xowar minigame

Main article: Xowar minigame

The other minigame, which also can be found by examination of the game's disc, is called the Xowar minigame. Like the previous minigame, it was scrapped before its real title name could be revealed.

Scrapped characters

Concept art of creatures that did not make to the final version of the game.


Main article: Bonton

A Bonton appears in the Xowar secret in the Tower of the Leptys.


Main article: Clark

Clark was originally intended to appear according to L'Histoire de Rayman.


Main article: Glute

A glute also appears in the Xowar secret in the Tower of the Leptys.


A statue of Razoff and the scrapped Goaty.

Main article: Goaty

A Goaty was originally going to appear in the game, but it was scrapped to avoid overloading the universe with creatures. Despite this, the Goaty makes a cameo as a statue in Razoff's mansion.

Gunslinger Hoodlum

Main article: Gunslinger Hoodlum

One of several scrapped Hoodlums, the Gunslinger Hoodlum was planned to appear in the game.


Main article: Hoodloon

Another of the scrapped Hoodlums, Hoodloons do appear in the game as background objects in the Summit Beyond the Clouds.


Main article: Hoover

A carnivorous plant called Hoover, was planned to be an enemy in the game. It was cut for unknown reasons.


Main article: Kagoubinôme

A variety of Hoodlums that were supposed to be in the game called the Kagoubinôme were scrapped from the final release.


Main article: Ly

Ly makes a cameo appearance in the Longest Shortcut, though the presence of concept art showing a redesign might imply an intended larger role.


Main article: Muddibog

Muddibogs appear as enemies in the final game, but a giant variant was scrapped.


Main article: Murkin

Murkins eventually appear in Rayman: Hoodlum's Revenge.


Main article: Scaleman

Scaleman appears in the Game Boy Advance version of Rayman 3.

Siamese Hoodlum

Main article: Siamese Hoodlum

A pair of twin Hoodlums naturally called Siamese Hoodlum, was completely removed from the game.


Main article: Snoot

A background creature called Snoot was supposed to appear, but was scrapped like the Goaty and Snorty, to avoid overloading the universe with creatures.


Main article: Snorty

The third of the creatures that were cut from the game to avoid overloading the universe with creatures, is called Snorty.


Main article: Wooglah

A Wooglah would've appeared in the game as a helper to Rayman and Globox in terms of advancing to other worlds, but it was scrapped for unknown reasons.


The Xowar in its cell in the Tower of the Leptys.

Main article: Xowar

The Xowar appears in the Xowar secret.


Main article: Zaq

The Zaqs were supposed to be in the game, but was later cut due to time constraints.

Scrapped objects

Concept designs for the Lav-O-Matic.
Hoodlum Washing Machine.png


Main article: Lav-O-Matic

The Lav-O-Matic was intended to appear in the Aquatic world along with the Zaqs, but all were scrapped due to the levels 'lacked rhythm' compared to other levels.

Plum container

An unused object that appeared to contain a plum was discovered by hacking the game.

2002 demo

Several of the enemies in Rayman 3 including the scrapped Xowar appeared on this early PC version loading screen.

In 2002, some platinum copies of Rayman Revolution were bundled with a demo disc of Rayman 3 and these were identified with a sticker in the front cover. There were other Rayman games games for PC that bundled the same demo too, along with a few other demos featuring different levels than the ones seen in the PlayStation 2 version. This demo featured some differences:

  • The demo features an earlier trailer with different music and some gameplay footage with notable differences, like fire textures from Rayman 2 and Rayman with the Rayman 2 design in the Leptys cutscene.
  • The loading screens of the PC version is an earlier version of "The Usual Suspects", featuring Count Razoff and an older design of the Knaaren, the Hoodboom and the Muddibog.
  • The loading screen of the PlayStation 2 version features a slot machine with a rotating 3D model of a Hoodmonger. A similar style of loading screen was used in the final version of Rayman M for the PlayStation 2.
  • In Dangerous Game, the old appearance of the pigpots can be seen.
  • Rayman yells like Tarzan when he grabs a flying hook with the LockJaw.
  • Globox and André have different voices than the ones used in the final version.
  • The lock target image is different.
  • There is different music and sound effects than in the final version.
  • The points given by some actions are different, like for example, a green gem rewards the player with 100 points instead of 1500.

Dangerous Game

This game mode is available in the Rayman 3 demo, released in 2002. It contains a sequence of the third section of the Clearleaf Forest. Many differences can be found between this version and the level of the final version. Some additional differences appear in the PlayStation 2 version. Like the musics played when Rayman is in fight with the Hoodlums. Before the first secret entrance of this sequence, it was initially expected that [[:File:Hoodlum's camp flag.png|a flag representing the Hoodlum camp]] appears. It was then replaced by a flag representing a Hoodmonger. In the PC version of the demo, the pigpots' previous design is used.

Special Invaders

Special Invaders, as seen in the final version of Rayman 3.

This game mode is also available in the Rayman 3 demo. It contains the third section of the Tower of the Leptys. Between the beta and final version of this section, the most striking differences are the sounds and musics. Some dialogs had not yet been added to the game, such as those of Globox and Rayman during the cinematic of the section. Globox does not call Rayman to get aboard his Armaguiddon but honk to get him. Also, he doesn't say anything about the enemies and do not compliment the buildings. But he is frightened at the sight of the stone gaps, when he's with Rayman in the room where they are located, Globox yells : "Ah! A mixer!". The name given to this game mode was finally used for a mini-game in the final version of Rayman 3. The name of this game mode refers to a classic, Space Invaders'.


The trailer of the demo is different in the final version of Rayman 3.

For example, in the trailer of the demo, the old design of the Hoodmonger Officers is used. Their design looks like the Hoodmonger's one, but they wore chain mail and a kind of metal bulletproof vest.

Rayman 3 HD



In the PlayStation 2 version of the beta in Dangerous Game, only the first music of the Hoodmonger Soldiers is used.

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