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| name = Rayman Legends
| Name = Red Minotaur
| image = [[File:Rayman Legends Box Art.jpg|center|250px|''Rayman Legends'']]
| image = [[File:Red Minotaur.png|200px|Red Minotaur]]
| published by = [[Ubisoft]]
| alignment = Bad
| developed by = [[Ubisoft|Ubisoft Montpellier]]
| appears in = ''[[Rayman Legends]]'', ''[[Rayman Adventures]]''
| release date =
| location = [[Olympus Maximus]]
'''PlayStation 3, Wii U, Xbox 360, PC:'''<br />
| resistance = [[Image:Lifebar1.png|''1 HP'']]  
[[File:United_States_of_America(USA).png|16px]] 3rd September 2013<br>
| attacks = Contact, fireballs
[[File:European Union.png|16px]] 29th August 2013<br>
[[File:Japan.png|16px]] 17th October 2013 (Wii U exclusive)<br>
'''PlayStation Vita:'''<br />
[[File:United_States_of_America(USA).png|16px]] 20th September 2013<br>
[[File:European Union.png|16px]] 12th September 2013<br>
[[File:Japan.png|16px]] 24th April 2014<br>
'''PlayStation 4, Xbox One:'''<br/>
[[File:United_States_of_America(USA).png|16px]] 20th February 2014<br>
[[File:European Union.png|16px]] 21st February 2014<br>
'''Nintendo Switch:'''<br/>
12th September 2017<br/>
[[File:Japan.png|16px]] 22nd February 2018
| platforms = Nintendo Wii U, Sony PlayStation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, Sony PlayStation Vita, Sony PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
| soundtrack by = Christophe Héral and Billy Martin
| genre = 2D platformer
| gameplay mode = Single player and co-operative; up to four players
| game engine = [[UbiArt]]
'''''Rayman Legends''''' is a 2D platform game, and the fifth major game in the [[Rayman (series)|''Rayman'' series]]. It is a direct sequel to ''[[Rayman Origins]]'', and features very similar gameplay as such. It was initially planned to be a release title for the Nintendo Wii U,<ref name="joystiqrelease">http://www.joystiq.com/2012/09/13/rayman-legends-a-european-wii-u-launch-title-launching-nov-30/</ref><ref name="exclusive">http://kotaku.com/5934894/wii-u-exclusive-rayman-legends-looks-so-lovely</ref> but on October 8th 2012, [[Ubisoft]] stated that ''Rayman Legends'' had been delayed to the first quarter of 2013. By the end of 2012, [[Ubisoft]] had confirmed that the new release dates for the game would be the 26th February 2013 for North America and the 1st March 2013 for Europe, exclusively for the Wii U. However, on the 7th February 2013, [[Ubisoft]] revealed that the game was no longer a Wii U exclusive, and that there was a Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 version under development, consequently causing a delay for the second time and pushing the release date to September of 2013.<ref name="IGN">http://uk.ign.com/articles/2013/02/07/rayman-legends-delayed-no-longer-wii-u-exclusive</ref> On the 25th April 2013, [[Ubisoft]] decided to release the game at the end of August 2013 for Europe and the beginning of September in North America in order to avoid competition from other upcoming high-profile games titles from other companies.<ref name="NintendoLife">http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2013/04/rayman_legends_release_brought_forward_to_27th_august_in_north_america_30th_august_in_europe</ref> A PlayStation Vita version was confirmed by [[Ubisoft]] to be released at the same time as the other three versions, but with five exclusive levels, and two exclusive [[List of heroes and costumes in UbiArt games|skins]], on 28th May 2013. A Microsoft Windows release was also confirmed on the 25th July.  
'''Red Minotaurs''' are variant enemies that appear both in ''[[Rayman Legends]]'' and ''[[Rayman Adventures]]''. Unlike their normal [[Minotaur|purple variant]], Red Minotaurs have the ability to spit out fireballs. Some of them board floating shields in order to block the player from progressing and spitting fireballs from afar. Like all [[Minotaur]]s, some of them seem to like cleaning everything, constantly using brushes and feather dusters to keep floors and cages clean.
The game was also released on the Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One in February 2014.<ref name="NeoGAF">http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showpost.php?p=59607797&postcount=34</ref> The versions come with new features like no loading times and added [[List of heroes and costumes in UbiArt games|costumes]].
Red Minotaurs share the same appearance as their other brethren but have red skin. Their clothing is similar but instead have a light red tone to them.  
In 2017, an enhanced port, titled ''Rayman Legends Definitive Edition'', was announced to release on the Nintendo Switch on September 12th 2017.<ref name="Ubiblog">https://blog.ubi.com/ubisoft-reveals-nintendo-switch-lineup/</ref> This version includes an expanded [[Kung Foot]] mode and the [[Murfy's Touch]] painting.
*According to her description, [[Sibylla]] loves to hunt [[Minotaurs]].
On November 29th the game was made available as the free game of the week on Epic Games Store. This version is the same as the Uplay version.
*Red Minotaurs and [[Red Toad]]s are variants of normal enemies with fire related abilities, such as breathing fire.
A smartphone game based on the game's art style, ''[[Rayman Fiesta Run]]'', was developed by [[Ubisoft|Ubisoft Casablanca]] and released for iOS and Android devices on 7th November 2013. It is the sequel to the previous title, ''[[Rayman Jungle Run]]'', which was based off ''[[Rayman Origins]]''. In 2015, another mobile spin-off was released, titled ''[[Rayman Adventures]]'', which unlike the previous titles allowed the player to change direction while moving.
[[The Glade of Dreams]] is in trouble once again! During a 100-year nap, the nightmares multiplied, they spread, they created new monsters even more terrifying than before.
These creatures are the stuff of legends... [[dragon]]s, [[Toad (Rayman Legends)|giant toads]], sea monsters and even evil [[luchador]]es. They created elaborate worlds within [[the Glade of Dreams]] and wreaked havoc by capturing every [[Teensie|Teensy]] in sight. Finally, with the help of [[Murfy]], [[Rayman]] and [[Globox]] are awoken to help fight these nightmares and save the [[Teensie]]s. When they awake, they see that their old friend [[Bubble Dreamer]] has filled his home with a series of magical paintings that reveal the worlds the nightmares have created.
In fact, each painting is actually a portal to travel to these worlds, so the gang jumps in and the adventure begins. They must run, jump and fight their way through each world to save the day, discover new friends and unlock the secrets of each legendary painting.}}
The game opens with a cut scene explaining the events that have transpired since ''[[Rayman Origins]]'', [[Polokus|Bubble Dreamer]] explains to [[Murfy]] that [[Rayman]] and his friends have been asleep for 100 years. During that time, the nightmares have multiplied and spread, including [[the Magician]], who has turned into 5 [[Dark Teensy|Dark Teensies]]. As such [[the Glade of Dreams]] is in great danger, and the [[Teensie]]s and their royalty, who inhabit it, are captured. To this end, he commands [[Murfy]] to awaken the heroes, and begin an adventure anew.
In ''Rayman Legends'', all of the worlds, except for the final unlockable bonus world, feature themes inspired by real-world myths and tropes, from the medieval castles of [[Teensies In Trouble]] to the classical Greek architecture of [[Olympus Maximus]].
===[[Teensies In Trouble]]===
{{quote|text=Where best to start an adventure than in the middle of a forest with magic all around? Of course whoever says adventure means princesses to rescue, powerful [[dragon]]s and haunted castle to explore!\nWell, be ready because [[Teensie]]s are in trouble and waiting for their knight in shining armor to rescue them, and guess who this knight is: you!|sign=Unknown|source=''Rayman Legends''}}
The nightmares are invading the area and are capturing [[Teensie]]s as they do so, it is here that the heroes have slept for many years, and are finally awoken by [[Murfy]]. After explaining the situation, [[Murfy]] and the heroes go forth to save the [[Teensie]]s. The area contains various castle structures and deep forestry to progress through. The heroes also encounter the first [[Dark Teensy]], and chase him through a desert landscape. The heroes enter a castle-like area, where they encounter many strange beasts. Later on, the heroes will encounter the [[Dark Teensy]] once again, where he will summon dragons to keep the heroes at bay, the last of which, the [[Medieval Dragon]], serving as the boss of this world, once bested, the heroes can then defeat the [[Dark Teensy]], and send him flying to the [[moon]]. The world ends with the musical level of [[Castle Rock]], a parody of the song ''Black Betty'' by Ram Jam.
<gallery widths="320px" heights="180px">
Once Upon a Time 1.png|The intro to [[Teensies In Trouble]].
TeensiesInTroubleSeq2.jpg|[[Teensies In Trouble]].
===[[Toad Story]]===
{{quote|text=The fairy tales continue, but this time, we'll take you to the top of the Giant beanstalk. Play with the aerial currents to climb this giant beanstalk. Beware of the nasty [[Toad (Rayman Legends)|toads]] that are ready to just about anything to stop you from climbing the beanstalk...|sign=Unknown|source=''Rayman Legends''}}
This world contains many tall beanstalk areas to traverse through, as well as floating castle ruins caught within strong wind currents. Another [[Dark Teensy]] resides in this world, and has fitted the boss of this world with mechanical armaments to fight the heroes, as an [[Armored Toad]]. Once the [[Armored Toad]] is beaten, it suffers the fate of crashing into a castle. The [[Dark Teensy]] of this world is sent to the [[Moons|moon]] to resign to a similar fate as the first. The world ends with the musical level of [[Orchestral Chaos]], which apart from [[Grannies World Tour]] is the only piece of music in such levels that is original and not licensed.
<gallery widths="320px" heights="180px">
Ray and the Beanstalk 10.png|[[Toad Story]].
Castle in the Clouds 10.png|The level [[Castle in the Clouds]].
===[[Fiesta de los Muertos]]===
{{quote|text=Fiesta is the Spanish for Party... Welcome to a Hell of a Party! Close your eyes and listen to the [[Mariachi|marriachis]], you can almost smell the spices all around you. But don't forget to open them again rapidly because traps are around every corners, [[Luchador]]s will hunt you down, and even if it looks yummy the salsa is burning hot!|sign=Unknown|source=''Rayman Legends''}}
A food world not unlike the [[Gourmand Land]] of ''[[Rayman Origins]]'', and [[Candy Château]] of [[Rayman 1|the original ''Rayman'']], this world is inhabited by [[Mariachi|Mexican-inspired skeletons]], and giant [[Luchador]]es. The [[Dark Teensy]] of this world shows some of the magic abilities he now possesses, by turning the heroes into ducks in some levels, requiring [[Murfy]] to aid the heroes in surpassing the various obstacles the world features. Once the [[Dark Teensy]] is cornered, he will call upon a large [[Luchador]] to give chase to the heroes, who only escape him once they reach a lava pit that the [[Luchador]] fall into it, thus defeating it. The boss of this world is [[El Luchador]], whose fight takes place within an arena. By defeating him, the [[Dark Teensy]] of this world can be sent to the [[moon]], joining his other like minded selves. The world ends with the musical level of [[Mariachi Madness]], which is a parody of the song ''Eye of the Tiger'' by Survivor.
<gallery widths="320px" heights="180px">
BrownLuchador.jpg|[[Fiesta de los Muertos]].
Duck Rayman meeting Murfy.jpg|[[Rayman]] after being turned into a duck.
===[[20,000 Lums Under the Sea]]===
{{quote|text=Dive in the depth of the ocean, in this spy world. Enemies are not a joke and you'll need stealth and skill to infiltrate the Ocean base.
Be careful, the detections systems are top of the lines with [[Dark Sentry|laser beams detecting motions]] and patrolling [[Toad (Rayman Legends)|toad]]s equipped with night goggles.
Be quick, be smart, play with the lights and the shadows to infiltrate this enemy base.|sign=Unknown|source=''Rayman Legends''}}
This world starts out like the water levels featured in the [[Sea of Serendipity]], but soon takes a more darker edge, and resembles a part of the [[Moody Clouds]]. Inspired by the themes involved in spy movies, the heroes will need to avoid many elaborate traps and obstacles created to prevent them from infiltrating the mechanical facilities that the [[Dark Teensy]] of this world has built, he has also tamed a [[Sea Serpent]], and will use it to fend off the heroes when chased by them. He has also enlisted the help of [[Underwater Toad|Toads in spy gear]], and [[Sharkman|Sharkmen]] to secure his facilities, both make for dangerous opponents due to their capability of using ranged attacks, meaning the heroes must watch themselves to prevent bubblization. Finally, the [[Dark Teensy]] has built a [[Mechanical Dragon]] to serve as a boss for this world, whom the heroes accidentally activate near the end of their time in the world. After a ferocious battle, the [[Dark Teensy]] is, ironically, trapped by the body of his creation, is also sent to the [[moon]]. The world ends with the musical level of [[Gloo Gloo]], which is a parody of the song ''Woo Hoo'' by The's, as featured in the film ''Kill Bill: Volume 1''.
<gallery widths="320px" heights="180px">
The Deadly Lights 7.png|[[20,000 Lums Under the Sea]].
Mansion of the Deep 3.png|[[20,000 Lums Under the Sea]].
===[[Olympus Maximus]]===
{{quote|text=What would be the legends without the Greeks' tragedy? This world will expose you to various classical myths, but treated through a raymanesque perspective...
The [[minotaur]]s almost lovable in their pocket size format, the amazing maze and the bubbling lava make it a Hell of a world...|sign=Unknown|source=''Rayman Legends''}}
This world is inspired by Ancient Greece, and is set atop high up mountains, deep caverns, and ancient Greco-Roman buildings. The heroes of this world come across many obstacles, such as a mysterious floating hand, which shoots down thunder upon them, swarms of [[dark creature]]s that cannot be harmed physically by the heroes, and [[Minotaur]]s, some of which can shoot fire from their mouths. The [[Dark Teensy]] of this world will summon dragons when being encountered for the first time, who will chase the heroes through various labyrinthine corridors and chasms. To end, a mysterious [[Dark Cloud]] serves as the boss of this world, going through various forms, each requiring extreme tenacity and skill to beat, once beaten, the heroes are awarded with a vast amount of [[Lum (UbiArt games)|Lums]], before finally sending the final [[Dark Teensy]] to the [[moon]]. The heroes celebrate the new age of peace in the [[The Glade of Dreams|Glade]]. The world ends with the musical level of [[Dragon Slayer]], which is a parody of the song ''Antisocial'' originally by Trust.
<gallery widths="320px" heights="180px">
Hades flames.jpg|[[Olympus Maximus]].
Olympus Constellation1.jpg|[[Olympus Maximus]].
===[[Living Dead Party]]===
Once 400 [[Teensie]]s are freed, this world unlocks, allowing the heroes to traverse [[Grannies World Tour]], a remix of the [[Land of the Livid Dead (UbiArt games)|Land of the Livid Dead]] theme of ''[[Rayman Origins]]''  and "8 bit" versions of each musical level. The 8-bit levels are carbon copies of the previous music levels, but with added visual effects and filters that greatly increase the difficulty.
<gallery widths="320px" heights="180px">
WiiU RaymanLegends 05.jpg|[[Living Dead Party]].
== Gameplay ==
[[File:RaymanLegends Screenshot LushJungle.jpeg|320px|thumb|From left to right: The new adventurer [[Barbara]], [[Globox]], [[Murfy]], [[Rayman]] and the [[Grand Minimus]].]]
The game carries on the style of gameplay from ''[[Rayman Origins]]'' in which up to four players (depending on the format) simultaneously make their way through various levels. [[Lum (UbiArt games)|Lums]] can be collected by finding them in levels, defeating enemies, freeing [[Teensie]]s, and performing other actions. Collecting [[Teensie]]s unlocks new worlds, which can be played in any order once they are available. Along with [[Rayman]], [[Globox]], and the [[Teensie]]s returning as playable characters, players can now control new female character [[Barbara]] and her sisters, once they are rescued from certain stages.
In addition to the main playable characters, [[Murfy]] appears as an assist character in certain levels and can be controlled by a 5th player (on the Wii U version). [[Murfy]] can perform various actions such as cutting through ropes, activating mechanisms, grabbing hold of enemies and assisting in gathering [[Lum (UbiArt games)|Lums]]. These offer a range of levels in which co-operation is required to progress. In the PlayStation Vita and Wii U versions of the game, an additional player can control [[Murfy]] directly with touch controls, using either the Wii U GamePad or the Vita's touch screen. In single-player mode, control will switch over to [[Murfy]] during certain sections whilst the computer controls the player's character. In the other versions of the game, [[Murfy]] moves automatically and can be prompted to interact with certain objects with button controls while the player continues to play normally. Other new features include rhythm based levels set to covers of songs such as "Black Betty" in [[Castle Rock]] and "Eye of the Tiger"  in [[Mariachi Madness]].
The game features over 120 levels, including [[Back to Origins|40 remastered levels]] from the original ''[[Rayman Origins]]'', which are unlocked by scratching [[Lucky ticket|Lucky Tickets]]. [[Lucky ticket|Tickets]] are earned by collecting a certain amount of [[Lum (UbiArt games)|Lums]] in a level, and each ticket is a guaranteed win of either [[Lum (UbiArt games)|Lums]], an ''[[Rayman Origins|Origins]]'' painting, a [[Teensie]], or a [[Creature]]. Most new levels feature remixed 'Invaded' versions, which must be completed as quickly as possible. The game also offers daily and weekly [[Online Challenges|challenge stages]], in which players can compete with other players via leaderboards in challenges such as collecting a certain number of [[Lum (UbiArt games)|Lums]] in a short time, or surviving the longest on a stage. More [[Online Challenges|challenge stages]] can be accessed by raising the player's 'awesomeness' rating, which increases by collecting trophies earned by rescuing [[Teensie]]s, collecting a high number of [[Lum (UbiArt games)|Lums]] in each level or by having a high leaderboard position at the end of a [[Online Challenges|challenge]]. A local multiplayer soccer game, [[Kung Foot]], is also featured, in which players use attacks to knock a soccer ball into the opponent's goal.
Compared to ''[[Rayman Origins]]'', ''Rayman Legends'' features heavier shading on most sprites and even makes use of several 3D models (for the bosses of each world and several level elements). ''Legends'' also features real-time lighting, which was not present in ''[[Rayman Origins|Origins]]''; this new technology allowed for levels to employ a light/dark motif, seen especially in levels from [[20,000 Lums Under the Sea]]. Overall, the graphics, while still rendered with the 2D UbiArt engine that was also used in ''[[Rayman Origins|Origins]]'', look more realistic, taking a step away from the slapstick, exaggerated cartoon visuals in ''[[Rayman Origins|Origins]]''. In addition to graphics, the physics were slightly altered, resulting in more precise movement and less "floaty" jumping.
''Main article: [[Rayman Legends (early production)]]''
=== Leaks ===
[[File:Rabbidlegend.jpg|thumb|right|320px|[[Rayman]] and the [[Rabbid]]s. The [[Rabbid]]s were scrapped before the final release, but they have appeared in special [[Event (Rayman Adventures)|events]] for ''[[Rayman Adventures]]''.]]
Shortly after the game's November 2011 release, [[Michel Ancel]] stated 'One has to know that ''[[Rayman Origins]]'' isn't just one game – we plan to make others, with retro 2D gameplay, and to give more and more details on the story.'<ref>GameShake, ''Toulouse Game Show 2011 : interview de Michel Ancel'', http://www.gameshake.fr/?p=923</ref> In March 2012, artistic director Christophe Villez hinted that a new [[Rayman (series)|''Rayman'' game]] would be revealed in June, at E3 2012.<ref>Bafta.org, ''GAME British Academy Video Games Awards'', http://www.bafta.org/games/awards/</ref> Also in March 2012, Bertrant Chaverot, the general director of [[Ubisoft|Ubisoft Brazil]], stated that ''[[Rayman Origins]]'' would have a continuation, but did not reveal any details.<ref>Kotaku Brasil, ''[ATUALIZADO] Lá vem Rayman Origins 2, avisa a Ubisoft'' http://www.kotaku.com.br/la-vem-rayman-origins-2-avisa-a-ubisoft/</ref>
[[File:Social gaming challenge.png|320px|thumb|left|An unused social challenge feature.]]
On 23 April, 2012, a marketing survey containing information about ''Rayman Legends'' was leaked to the games media. The survey contained several pieces of information regarding the ''[[Rayman Origins]]'' sequel, along with two gameplay videos (though only screenshots of these were included in the leak; one of the originals leak videos can be seen [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cH3mjUPVg-A here]). Like its predecessor, the game will feature co-operative gameplay with up to four players. It will also feature 'brand new settings: legendary worlds filled with castles, vampires, Ghosts, Greek Gods, or dragons...'<ref>Kotaku, ''Marketing Survey Hints at a Rayman Origins Sequel of Mythic Proportions'', http://kotaku.com/5904264/marketing-survey-hints-at-a-rayman-origins-sequel-of-mythic-proportions/gallery/1</ref> The following day, the videos from which the images were taken were uploaded to YouTube, but both were quickly taken down at the request of [[Ubisoft]].<ref>PS3gen.fr, ''Rayman Origins : 2 vidéos volées d'un nouvel opus se promenent sur internet'', http://www.ps3gen.fr/rayman-origins-2-suite-nouvel-opus-episode-jeu-videos-officieux-non-annonce-trailer-ubisoft-actualite-24768.html</ref>
On 26 April, 2012, [[Ubisoft]] registered the domain names 'RaymanLegends.com' and 'Rayman-Legends.com',<ref>Fusible, ''Ubisoft Entertainment registers "Rayman Legends" domain names'', http://www.fusible.com/2012/04/ubisoft-entertainment-registers-rayman-legends-domain-names/</ref> leading to speculation that ''Rayman Legends'' would be the title of the ''[[Rayman Origins]]'' sequel.
=== Announcement ===
[[File:Cath 'em All Challenge.png|320px|thumb|right|An unused mode from the Wii U version.]]
On 27 April, 2012, the first full-length trailer for the game was leaked to the public.<ref>MCV, ''VIDEO: Rayman Legends trailer confirms special Wii U functionality'', http://www.mcvuk.com/news/read/video-rayman-legends-trailer-confirms-special-wii-u-functionality/095175</ref> It features the aforementioned settings, gives more details on online gameplay and reveals a new playable character: a [[Betilla]] the Fairy-like warrior girl known as [[Barbara]]. <ref>http://www.youtube.com/watch?gl=GB&v=gmx17Mwo-2c</ref> In the Wii U version of the game, the player will be able to use certain physical toys to interact with the game world; this is similar to the premise of ''Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure''. The trailer shows a player scanning a [[Rabbid]] toy to enter a level where [[Rayman]] must fight [[Rabbid]]s, and hints that similar functionality will be possible with toys based on other [[Ubisoft]] characters, such as Ezio from the ''Assassin's Creed'' series. However, according to one of the developers, the demonstration of this function was just a joke due to the growing popularity of such toys. [[Ubisoft]] initially attempted to suppress the videos, but after a few hours they released an official statement, confirming that ''Rayman Legends'' was being developed by [[Michel Ancel]] and [[Ubisoft|Ubisoft Montpellier]], but downplaying the video's accuracy, claiming that 'This video was intended as a purely internal demonstrative video, and in NO way represents the final game, the final console or their features. The game was officially unveiled with a gameplay demonstration at the 2012 Electronic Entertainment Expo, showcasing [[Murfy]], a new playable character, controlled via the Wii U system's touch screen on the tablet controller. It also showed medieval-themed stages as well as a rhythm-based map of the [[Land of the Livid Dead (UbiArt games)|Land of the Livid Dead]] from ''[[Rayman Origins]]'' featuring remixed music.'<ref>Wii News at IGN, ''Wii U Details Revealed By Leaked Rayman Trailer'', http://ie.wii.ign.com/articles/122/1223893p1.html</ref>
Initially, when the ''Rayman Legends'' website was unveiled, it showed a different plot summary to what was seen in the final game:
<blockquote>[[Rayman]], [[Globox]], and the [[Teensie]]s are off wandering through an enchanted forest when they discover a mysterious tent filled with a series of captivating paintings. As they look more closely, they notice each painting seems to tell the story of a mythical world. While focusing on a painting that shows a medieval land, they are suddenly sucked into the painting, entering the world, and the adventure begins. The gang must run, jump and fight their way through each world to save the day and discover the secrets of every legendary painting.</blockquote>
=== Delay ===
It was originally set to be released on November 30, 2012 (as a Wii U launch title). However, on October 8, 2012, it was reported to be delayed. On December 13, 2012, a [[List of Rayman demos|demo]] of the game was released on the eShop. The official release date was revealed to be February 26, 2013, but was delayed further to September 2013 to allow for the title to have a simultaneous release on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. This delay was negatively received by gamers and critics since the developer stated that the Wii U version was finished. Fans started a petition for the game to be released on the original date on the Wii U, which at one point had over 11,000 people signed onto it. To appease fans, [[Ubisoft]] said the Wii U would get another exclusive [[List of Rayman demos|demo]] in the future, however this was just as negatively received. Developers that worked on the game have also expressed their distaste for the delay, with creator [[Michel Ancel]] also protesting for the release of the game.
In response to the delay, the development team have announced that they will be releasing the game's [[Online Challenges]] mode for free via the Nintendo eShop, which released on April 25, 2013. This mode features daily challenges based on one of five scenarios, one of which is exclusive to Wii U, and features online leaderboards and ghost functionality. They also stated that with the extra development time, they would be adding new levels, enemies and more to the game. Pre-orders of certain versions of the game come with a bonus costume for [[Barbara]], inspired by Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. On August 7, 2013, in a Nintendo Direct presentation, 2 new costumes were announced for the Wii U version: a [[Ray Plumber|Mario costume for Rayman]], and a [[Glob Plumber|Luigi costume for Globox]].
=== Release ===
[[File:Chateau-dracula-02.jpg|320px|thumb|left|An unused [[Dracula's castle]] theme.]]
On 23 August 2013, the [[Rayman Legends Beatbox|''Rayman Legends'' Beatbox App]] became available on the internet, iTunes, and Android devices. This app allows users to create their own songs from scratch, or by using Legendary Mode, which allows them to edit the game songs with 3 choices: [[Teensies in Trouble]], [[20,000 Lums Under the Sea]], and [[Fiesta de los Muertos]]. On 28 August 2013, [[Ubisoft]] announced on the ''Rayman Legends'' site that the European PlayStation Vita Version has been delayed to 12 September 2013 to apply the "Final level of polish" players expect from a [[Rayman (series)|''Rayman'' game]].
The game features various improvements to the Ubi Art Framework engine used in ''[[Rayman Origins]]''. These include a new dynamic lighting system, which lightens or silhouettes characters based on their environment, along with stealth sections that make use of light and shadow, and the seamless integration of 3D elements in 2D environments, made prominent in the game's 3D modelled bosses and monsters.
The game features various improvements to the Ubi Art Framework engine used in ''[[Rayman Origins|Origins]]''. These include a new dynamic lighting system, which lightens or silhouettes characters based on their environment, along with stealth sections that make use of light and shadow, and the seamless integration of 3D elements in 2D environments, made prominent in the game's 3D modelled bosses and monsters. Further improvements were made in the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions, which uses upgraded graphics and has decreased load times<ref>http://www.polygon.com/2013/12/11/5200310/rayman-legends-ps4-xbox-one-release-date</ref>.
At one point, during an interview, [[Michel Ancel]] revealed some concept art for an unreleased world, named [[Dracula's castle]], and stating that maybe one day they would release it, thus suggesting DLC in the future. This theme was later implemented into ''[[Rayman Adventures]]'', a mobile spin-off.
== Ports ==
=== PlayStation Vita ===
[[File:Legends PS Vita.jpg|320px|thumb|right|The PlayStation Vita version.]]
A PlayStation Vita port<ref>PlayStation Vita trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXlsVfpuL0w</ref> was released in September 2013. This version has the player control [[Murfy]] on the touch-screen like on the Wii U version. A new painting, titled [[Murfy's Challenges]], was added with new levels and two new costumes. Several other stages have minor changes made to them. This version supports 2-player co-op, in which the second player controls [[Murfy]]. This is the only version to not have the [[Online Challenges]] go through Uplay. At launch the game didn't come with any Invasion levels. These were however added in the 1.02 patch in November 2013.
<gallery widths="320px" heights="181px">
Rayman Legends PS Vita - Main Menu 1.jpg|The main menu, showing the current progress to the right.
Rayman Legends PS Vita - Main Menu 2.jpg|The language selection.
Rayman Legends PS Vita - Main Menu 3.jpg|The available options, such as enabling Facebook.
Rayman Legends PS Vita - Facebook Share.jpg|The Facebook share button, present on the score screen of a [[Online Challenges|challenge]].
Rayman Legends PS Vita - Pause Menu.jpg|The pause menu, allowing the player to switch between the front and rear touch screens.
Rayman Legends PS Vita - Tap Screen Hint.jpg|The player can tap on the touch screen to control [[Murfy]].
Rayman Legends PS Vita - Rotate System Hint.jpg||The rotate certain objects by rotating the console.
Rayman Legends PS Vita - Gallery Menu.jpg|All UI elements can be interacted with using the touch screen.
[[File:Camera mode.jpg|thumb|left|320px|The PlayStation 4 version adds camera mode for screenshots.]]
=== PlayStation 4 and Xbox One ===
In December 2013, a next-gen port was announced for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.<ref>Next-gen trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L2dLyui0Vek</ref> These versions were released in February 2014 with the removal of loading screens and various other new features, such as being able to scratch [[Lucky ticket|Lucky tickets]] using the touch-pad on the DualShock 4 and being able to enter a new photo mode. New [[List of heroes and costumes in UbiArt games|costumes]] were also added.
=== Nintendo Switch (''Rayman Legends Definitive Edition'') ===
[[File:Rayman Legends Definitive Version.jpeg|200px|thumb|right|The Definitive Edition's cover.]]
In January 2017, a remake, titled ''Rayman Legends Definitive Edition'' was announced for the Nintendo Switch. This version utilizes touch screen controls for [[Murfy]], similarly to the Wii U and PlayStation Vita versions, while the console is in handheld mode through the new [[Murfy's Touch]] painting. Old features, such as the [[Online Challenges]], make a return with online leaderboards. Unlike the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions it does have loading screens between levels. The main difference is the inclusion of the [[Kung Foot|Kung Foot Tournament]] mode where players can play several rounds of the game in a tournament style. The game also features a new painting titled [[Murfy's Touch]] which can only be played in handheld mode. It included past sections involving [[Murfy]] and has 126 new [[Teensie]]s to free, making the total amount 826. The unlock requirements for the paintings has however not changed. Other changes include [[Kung Foot]] now having a Single Player mode and the ability to play local co-op using two systems. <ref>Nintendo Direct https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EDedvre19es</ref> <ref>Rayman Legends Definitive Edition Official page https://www.ubisoft.com/en-US/game/rayman-legends-definitive-edition</ref> In July 2017 a free [[List of Rayman demos|demo]] was accidentally released with noticeable sound glitches. Within a few hours the [[List of Rayman demos|demo]] was removed from the eShop. On July 25th 2017, the game was officially announced to be launching on September 12th, 2017 in both North America and Europe with the [[List of Rayman demos|demo]] stated to be properly release later in Summer 2017. The demo was released close thereafter with the same content as the previously released one, though without the sound glitches.
<gallery widths="320px" heights="180px">
Rayman Legends Definitive Edition Main Menu 1.jpg|The main menu.
Rayman Legends Switch - Murfy's Touch Main Gallery.jpg|The [[Murfy's Touch]] painting.
Kung Foot Tournament in Main Gallery.jpg|The [[Kung Foot|Kung Foot Tournament]] painting.
Kung Foot Tournament Teams.jpg|The [[Kung Foot|Kung Foot Tournament]].
Rayman Legends Switch - Credits.jpg|The end credits.
== Worlds ==
[[File:Gallery 2.jpg|320px|thumb|right|The [[Main Gallery]].]]
*[[Teensies In Trouble]]
*[[Toad Story]]
*[[Fiesta de los Muertos]]
*[[20,000 Lums Under the Sea]]
*[[Olympus Maximus]]
*[[Living Dead Party]]
== [[Back to Origins]] ==
[[File:Back to Origins.png|thumb|200px|right|[[Back to Origins]].]]
[[Back to Origins]] is a section of the [[Main Gallery]] that contains 40 levels from ''[[Rayman Origins]]''. Paintings are randomly unlocked by winning them through [[Lucky ticket|Lucky Tickets]] (though the player still needs to complete them in order). Many of the levels have been modified to be easier, most notable the [[Tricky Treasure]] ones.
The following worlds are:
* [[Jibberish Jungle]]
* [[Desert of Dijiridoos]]
* [[Gourmand Land]]
* [[Sea of Serendipity]]
* [[Mystical Pique]]
Click on the thumbnails to read the manuals.
<li style="display: inline-block;">[[Image:RL Manual ENThumb.png|link=http://raymanpc.com/wiki/script-en/images/b/bc/RL_Manual_EN.pdf|thumb|left|The English PC Manual]]</li>
<li style="display: inline-block;">[[Image:RL Manual ENThumb.png|link=http://raymanpc.com/wiki/script-en/images/7/70/RL_Manual_FR.pdf|thumb|left|The French PC Manual]]</li>
<li style="display: inline-block;">[[Image:RL Manual ENThumb.png|link=https://raymanpc.com/wiki/script-en/images/6/6a/RL_Manual_DE.pdf|thumb|left|The German PC Manual]]</li>
<li style="display: inline-block;">[[Image:RL Manual ENThumb.png|link=https://raymanpc.com/wiki/script-en/images/5/51/RL_Manual_IT.pdf|thumb|left|The Italian PC Manual]]</li>
<li style="display: inline-block;">[[Image:RL Manual ENThumb.png|link=https://raymanpc.com/wiki/script-en/images/a/aa/RL_Manual_ES.pdf|thumb|left|The Spanish PC Manual]]</li>
<li style="display: inline-block;">[[Image:RL Manual ENThumb.png|link=https://raymanpc.com/wiki/script-en/images/a/a6/RL_Manual_PL.pdf|thumb|left|The Polish PC Manual]]</li>
<li style="display: inline-block;">[[Image:RL Manual ENThumb.png|link=https://raymanpc.com/wiki/script-en/images/4/44/RL_Manual_RU.pdf|thumb|left|The Russian PC Manual]]</li>
<li style="display: inline-block;">[[Image:RL Manual ENThumb.png|link=https://raymanpc.com/wiki/script-en/images/f/f6/RL_Manual_NL.pdf|thumb|left|The Dutch and French PC Manual]]</li>
<li style="display: inline-block;">[[Image:RL Manual ENThumb.png|link=https://raymanpc.com/wiki/script-en/images/0/02/RL_Manual_FI.pdf|thumb|left|The Danish, Swedish and Norwegian PC Manual]]</li>
== Reception ==
''Rayman Legends'' received critical acclaim from critics. Aggregating review websites GameRankings and Metacritic gave the Wii U version 92.59% and 91/100,the PlayStation 3 version 92.06% and 91/100,the PC version 90.00% and 88/100,the Xbox 360 version 88.88% and 90/100 and the PlayStation Vita version 83.33% and 87/100.
Edge gave the game a 9/10 praising it by saying "One of the most jubilant, vividly imagined and open-hearted platformers to come along in a long time".
GamesRadar gave the game a score of 4.5 out of 5 stars, praising the level variety and presentation, whilst criticizing the sometimes chaotic multiplayer and some of the touchscreen sections during solo play.
Tom McShea of GameSpot rated the game a 9.0/10 praising the game mechanics, the level design and the local co-op.
GameTrailers gave the game a score of 9.1/10, stating that the co-operative play on the Wii U GamePad "only serves to complement the game design."
Jose Otero of IGN rated the game a 9.5/10, praising the gameplay and the design of the levels, saying that "Naturally, [[Rayman]] starts out with simple running, jumping, and punching, but before you know it you’re sneaking past dozens of deadly traps, battling huge bosses, or playing through awesome challenge levels that look like '90s music videos. Every time I thought I found a personal favorite stage, the next one came along and replaced it", but criticized the absence of online co-op.
Danielle Riendeau of Polygon rated the game a 8.5/10 saying that it is "a beautifully designed gauntlet".
Although ''Legends'' outsold ''[[Rayman Origins|Origins]]'' in its first week from international sales with the Wii U version performing well, the game failed to meet sales expectations mostly due to the fact that it was released in the same month that Grand Theft Auto V came out, as well as the relatively un-established state of the Wii U user base. In early November 2014, [[Ubisoft]] reported that ''Rayman Legends'' was still selling well and contributing to the company's earnings.
''Rayman Legends Definitive Edition'' received generally favourable reviews<ref>Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition Critic Reviews for Switch - Metacritic http://www.metacritic.com/game/switch/rayman-legends-definitive-edition/critic-reviews</ref>, however, some critics noted that the changes made to the game were not noteworthy enough to warrant the "Definitive" title. Digital Foundry also noted longer loading times and slight frame-rate drops not present in other versions, speculating that the cause was due to the compression used to reduce the size of the game.<ref> Switch's Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition Is Not Really Definitive https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BENbHo5cvck</ref>
===Box Art===
File:Rayman Legends Box Art.jpg|The standard box art.
File:Rayman Legends Definitive Version.jpeg|The box art for the Definitive Edition.
File:Rayman Legends Definitive Edition American Cover.jpg|The North American cover of ''Rayman Legends Definitive Edition''.
File:Rayman Legends European Cover.jpeg|The European cover of ''Rayman Legends Definitive Edition''.
===Screenshots from ''Rayman Legends''===
<gallery widths="320px" heights="180px">
File:Rayman Legends E3 2012 1.jpg|[[Rayman]], [[Globox]] and [[Murfy]] fighting pirate [[Livingstone|Lividstones]].
File:Rayman Legends E3 2012 2.jpg|Pirate [[Livingstone|Lividstones]] and flying monsters chasing [[Teensie]]s.
File:Rayman Legends E3 2012 4.png|[[Rayman]], [[Globox]], a [[Teensie]] and [[Murfy]] sliding down in the [[Land of the Livid Dead (UbiArt games)|Land of the Livid Dead]].
File:Rayman Legends E3 2012 5.png|[[Rayman]], [[Globox]], a [[Teensie]] and [[Murfy]] in a castle.
File:WiiU-Catapult(Land of the Livid Dead.jpg|A catapult in the [[Land of the Livid Dead (UbiArt games)|Land of the Livid Dead]].
File:Rayman Legends E3 2012 7.png|[[Rayman]], [[Globox]], a [[Teensie]] and [[Murfy]] in a castle.
File:Rayman Legends E3 2012 8.jpg|[[Rayman]], [[Globox]], a [[Teensie]] and [[Murfy]] running in the [[Land of the Livid Dead (UbiArt games)|Land of the Livid Dead]].
File:Rayman Legends E3 2012 9.png|[[Rayman]], [[Globox]], a [[Teensie]] and [[Murfy]] in a castle.
File:Rayman Legends E3 2012 10.jpg|[[Rayman]], [[Globox]], a [[Teensie]] and [[Murfy]] in a castle.
File:RaymanLegends Screenshot LavaChase GC gallery post.jpeg|[[Rayman]] and company dodging streams of lava.
File:WiiU RaymanLegends 03.jpeg|[[Rayman]], [[Globox]], [[Murfy]] and a [[Teensie]] dodging balls of fire.
File:WiiU RaymanLegends 02.jpeg|[[Rayman]], [[Barbara]] and [[Murfy]] dodging fire.  
File:RaymanLegends Screenshot MarbleRush.jpeg|[[Rayman]], [[Barbara]] and [[Murfy]] chased by [[Dark creature]]s in a palace.
File:RaymanLegends Screenshot Gotcha GC gallery post.jpeg|[[Rayman]], [[Globox]] and [[Barbara]] chased by [[Dark creature]]s in a grotto.
File:Screenshot TickleMonster GC.jpeg|[[Rayman]] and [[Barbara]] attacking a [[Minotaur]] being tickled by [[Murfy]].
File:Rayman-legends.jpg|[[Rayman]], [[Globox]], [[Barbara]], a [[Teensie]] and [[Murfy]] at the end of a level.
File:Rayman legends-screenshot.jpg|[[Rayman]], [[Globox]], [[Barbara]] and a [[Teensie]] fighting pirate [[Livingstone|Lividstones]].
File:Rayman legends-5.jpg|[[Rayman]] and [[Globox]] against the [[Armored Toad]].
File:Rayman Legends Steam 1.jpg|[[Rayman]], [[Barbara]] and a [[Teensie]] in a castle.
File:Rayman Legends Steam 2.jpg|[[Rayman]] and [[Globox]] chased by a swarm of [[Dark creature|dark creatures]].
File:Rayman Legends Steam 3.jpg|[[Rayman]] and [[Barbara]] dodging flames.
File:Rayman Legends Steam 4.jpg|[[Rayman]] and [[Barbara]] fighting [[Mariachi|skeletons]].
File:Rayman Legends Steam 5.jpg|[[Rayman]] and [[Barbara]] jumping on pirate [[Livingstone|Lividstones]] to cross a swamp.
File:Rayman Legends Steam 6.jpg|[[Rayman]], [[Barbara]] and a [[Teensie]] on a pile of defeated enemies.
File:Rayman Legends Steam 7.jpg|[[Rayman]], [[Globox]] and [[Barbara]] dodging flame enemies with the help of [[Murfy]].
File:Rayman Legends Steam 8.jpg|[[Rayman]], [[Globox]] and [[Barbara]] fighting a [[Francky]].
File:Rayman Legends Steam 9.jpg|[[Rayman]] and [[Barbara]] dodging flame enemies.
File:Rayman Legends Steam 10.jpg|[[Rayman]] and [[Barbara]] fighting a [[Francky]].
===Screenshots from ''Rayman Legends Definitive Edition''===
<gallery widths="320px" heights="180px">
File:RLDE Screenshot 1.jpg|[[Rayman]], [[Globox]], a [[Teensie]] and [[Murfy]] in a castle.
File:RLDE Screenshot 2.jpg|[[Rayman]], [[Globox]], [[Barbara]] and [[Murfy]] battling [[Toad (Rayman Legends)|Toads]].
File:RLDE Screenshot 3.jpg|[[Rayman]] and [[Globox]] fighting the [[El Luchador]] boss.
File:RLDE Screenshot 4.jpg|The [[Kung Foot]] game.
File:Rayman Legends Definitive Edition Demo Menu.jpg|The Definitive Edition's [[List of Rayman demos|demo]] menu screen.
File:Murfy's Touch Painting.jpg|The new [[Murfy]]'s Level.
File:Murfy's Touch Level 01.jpg|The player being asked to release [[Murfy]].
Rayman Legends Definitive Edition Trailer Promo.JPG|A promo for the Definitive Edition.
Rayman Legends Definitive Edition Demo Intro Loading.jpg|The Definitive Edition's [[List of Rayman demos|demo]] loading screen.
Rayman Legends Definitive Edition In-Game Advertisement.jpg|An advertisement for the Definitive Edition.
Rayman Legends DE Demo Heroes Gallery 1.jpg|The heroes gallery as it appears in the Definitive Edition's [[List of Rayman demos|demo]].
Rayman Legends DE Demo Heroes Gallery 2.jpg|Another look of the heroes gallery in the Definitive Edition's [[List of Rayman demos|demo]].
Rayman Legends Definitive Edition Main Menu 1.jpg
Rayman Legends Definitive Edition Country Select.jpg
Rayman Legends Definitive Edition Main Menu 2.jpg
Rayman Legends Definitive Edition Main Menu Auto Save Reminder.jpg
Murfy's Touch Unlocked Announcement.jpg
Murfy's Touch Unlocked.jpg
Rayman Legends Switch - Murfy's Touch Main Gallery.jpg
Murfy's Touch First Time Info Box.jpg
Kung Foot Tournament in Main Gallery.jpg
Kung Foot Tournament Teams.jpg
Rayman Legends Challenge App Splash.png
Rayman Christmas Art 2017.jpg
Legends Black Friday sale.jpg
Legends switch background.jpg
Switch teaser from Facebook.jpg
Rayman Legends Definitive Edition World Tour 2.JPG
Rayman Legends Definitive Edition World Tour 3.JPG
Rayman Legends Definitive Edition World Tour 4.JPG
Rayman Legends Definitive Edition World Tour 5.jpg
Rayman Legends Definitive Edition World Tour 6.jpeg
Rayman Legends Definitive Edition World Tour Finale.JPG
Rayman Legends Definitive Edition Now Available.JPG
Legends Switch promotion.jpg
Rayman Legends Definitive Edition Banner.JPG
File:Image rayman legends-.jpg
File:Image rayman legends-19433-2528 0005.jpg
File:RaymanLegends2 1920x1080.jpg
File:Image rayman legends-19433-2528 0003.jpg
File:Rayman Legends 150812 008.png
File:Rayman Legends 150812 007.png
File:Rayman Legends 150812 006.png
File:Globox Costume 1.png
File:Globox Costume 2.png
File:24 Rayman Legends jb dugait.jpg
File:25 Rayman Legends jb dugait.jpg
File:Rayman Legends Characters with Gamepad.png
File:531482 523195421035970 1969658355 n.jpg
File:267818 506716639367393 1929366861 n.jpg
File:Chateau dracula coupe unnouveaudepart3.jpg
File:Rayman Legends Cyclops.jpg
File:Rayman Legends Mine Railway.jpg
File:Rayman Legends Mine.jpg
File:Rayman Legends Nenuphar.jpg
File:Rayman Legends Ruin.jpg
File:Rayman Legends Tree.jpg
File:01 Rayman Legends jb dugait.jpg
File:02 Rayman Legends jb dugait.jpg
File:03 Rayman Legends jb dugait.jpg
File:04 Rayman Legends jb dugait.jpg
File:05 Rayman Legends jb dugait.jpg
File:06 Rayman Legends jb dugait.jpg
File:07 Rayman Legends jb dugait.jpg
File:09 Rayman Legends jb dugait.jpg
File:10 Rayman Legends jb dugait.jpg
File:11 Rayman Legends jb dugait.jpg
File:12 Rayman Legends jb dugait.jpg
File:13 Rayman Legends jb dugait.jpg
File:14 Rayman Legends jb dugait.jpg
File:15 Rayman Legends jb dugait.jpg
File:16 Rayman Legends jb dugait.jpg
File:17 Rayman Legends jb dugait.jpg
File:18 Rayman Legends jb dugait.jpg
File:20 Rayman Legends jb dugait.jpg
File:21 Rayman Legends jb dugait.jpg
File:22 Rayman Legends jb dugait.jpg
File:23 Rayman Legends jb dugait.jpg
File:26 Rayman Legends jb dugait.jpg
File:27b Rayman Legends jb dugait.jpg
File:28 Rayman Legends jb dugait.jpg
File:29 Rayman Legends jb dugait.jpg
File:30 Rayman Legends jb dugait.jpg
File:03 a Hades Palace.jpg
File:Olympus Discoclub.jpg
File:Globox on a Hammock.jpg
File:Tree Island in the Sky.jpg
File:Toad Concepts.jpg
==See also==
==See also==
*[[Technical information]]
*[[Red Toad]]
*[[Rayman Legends (early production)|''Rayman Legends'' (early production)]]
*''[[Rayman Adventures]]''
*[[Giant Minotaur]]
*[[List of Rayman records|List of ''Rayman'' records]]
*''[[Rayman Mégastickers]]''
==External links==
*[http://rayman.ubi.com/legends/en-GB/home/index.aspx Official site]
*[http://www.raymanpc.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=7767 Official ''Rayman Legends'' topic at Pirate-Community]
*[http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPVNYqYQKenhWSVUQXSGnaMuhoCAx3dCn ''Rayman Legends'' playthrough at YouTube (PC version)]
*[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ApW7BOpFOa4 The Definitive Edition Official Trailer]
*[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KlKZEnnUwBE The Definitive Edition Release Date Trailer]
*[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M7C3Y-0cz8M The Definitive Edition Kung Foot Trailer]
*[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KgYLJuhuqw0 The Definitive Edition Launch Trailer]
*[https://raymanpc.com/wiki/script-en/images/8/8c/Rayman_Definitive_Edition_logo.png High quality logo for the Definitive Edition]
*[https://www.shacknews.com/article/99305/wii-u-retrospective-rayman-legends ''Rayman Legends'' Wii U retrospective]
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Red Minotaur
Red Minotaur
Alignment Bad

Appears in Rayman Legends, Rayman Adventures
Location Olympus Maximus

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Resistance 1 HP
Attacks Contact, fireballs

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Relatives {{{relatives}}}

Red Minotaurs are variant enemies that appear both in Rayman Legends and Rayman Adventures. Unlike their normal purple variant, Red Minotaurs have the ability to spit out fireballs. Some of them board floating shields in order to block the player from progressing and spitting fireballs from afar. Like all Minotaurs, some of them seem to like cleaning everything, constantly using brushes and feather dusters to keep floors and cages clean.


Red Minotaurs share the same appearance as their other brethren but have red skin. Their clothing is similar but instead have a light red tone to them.


  • According to her description, Sibylla loves to hunt Minotaurs.
  • Red Minotaurs and Red Toads are variants of normal enemies with fire related abilities, such as breathing fire.

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