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Rayman Mini - Flag.png|A flag from the game files
Rayman Mini - Flag.png|A flag from the game files
Rayman Mini - Snake.png|A snake
Rayman Mini - Snake.png|A snake
Rayman Mini - Kuyalum.png|A [[Kuyalum]]
Rayman Mini - Dragonfly.png|A [[Dragonfly]]
Rayman Mini - Dragonfly.png|A [[Dragonfly]]
Rayman Mini - Big Rotten Fruit 1.png|A [[Rotten Fruit]]
Rayman Mini - Big Rotten Fruit 1.png|A [[Rotten Fruit]]

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Rayman Mini
Rayman Mini
Published by Ubisoft
Developed by Ubisoft Montpellier, Pastagames

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Soundtrack by Alexis Laugier, Christophe Héral and Billy Martin

Release date Worldwide September 19, 2019
Genre 2D platformer
Gameplay mode Single player
Platforms iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Apple TV
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Rayman Mini is a game released exclusively for the Apple Arcade service on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Apple TV. It launched with the service on September 19, 2019. On October 18 the game was released on Mac devices. The game features similar graphics and gameplay to that of the previous mobile game, Rayman Adventures.

In this game, Rayman is reduced to size of an ant. Players are tasked with clearing levels as quickly as possible by jumping off insects and plants.


Although a story is never shown in the game, the Flaming Teensy can be seen in the trailer casting a spell on Rayman which makes him shrink in size. It is stated that Rayman is on a quest to reverse the spell in the game.


Similarly to previous mobile titles, the player will automatically run in each level, being able to attack and jump to avoid obstacles and collect Lums. However, unlike Rayman Adventures, where it is possible to switch direction, the player can only move in one direction, similar to Jungle Run and Fiesta Run. By collecting every Lum in a level, the player will be rewarded with an Electoon which can be used to unlock outfits for Rayman, Globox and Barbara. Each boss level will also earn the player a Swag Coin, which can be used to unlock additional outfits.


The game is split up into multiple worlds, each with their own set of levels. There are six worlds in total, each with 8 levels and a boss fight. The sixth world isn't unlocked until all previous five bosses have been beaten.


The game will receive updates after its release with new content for the game.

Unused content

With this game running in the same engine as Rayman Adventures it shares a lot of leftover assets from that game. This includes The Captain, the intro level and several unused assets as well, such as the Kung Foot mode. New unused content is however present as well.

Unused levels

The game has three unused levels. Two of these are forest levels and the third on set in 20,000 Lums Under the Sea. All three were test levels for the game's new mechanics.


Unused text for the game's story can be found in the files. This includes an introduction and ending to the game. These do however not correspond with the story shown in the trailer, as there the Flaming Teensy is the cause for Rayman shrinking.

All was well in the Glade of Dreams Until our hero accidentaly swallowed a strange enchanted fruit. Or... Did someone just pull a small prank on him?
—Unknown, Rayman Mini (files)
After a final showdown with the Flaming Teensy, our hero finally finds a way to reverse his curse. And all was back to normal in the Glade of Dreams.
—Unknown, Rayman Mini (files)


Upon its reveal, Mini received mixed reception from fans of the series. Some expressed gratitude over Rayman still being relevant, while others criticized the game for being another mobile game rather than a new console game. When the game was finally revealed, it still got mixed reception, while the game was praised for its challenge and graphics, criticism drew upon its music, boss battles and how it did not contain story elements that the trailer promised.




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