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| developed by = Ubisoft Casablanca
| developed by = Ubisoft Casablanca
| release date = 2007
| release date = 2007
| genre = 3D Platformer
| genre = 2D Platformer
| gameplay mode = Single player
| gameplay mode = Single player
| platforms = Nintendo DS
| platforms = Nintendo DS

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Rayman Raving Rabbids
RRR DS.jpg
Published by Ubisoft
Developed by Ubisoft Casablanca

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Release date 2007
Genre 2D Platformer
Gameplay mode Single player
Platforms Nintendo DS
Ratings 3+ (PEGI), E (ESRB)
Distribution media Cartridge
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Rayman Raving Rabbids (DS) is the Nintendo DS version of Rayman Raving Rabbids. Unlike both the console versions and the Game Boy Advance version, this game uses 3D graphics but plays as a sidescroller. The game uses the Rayman 2: The Great Escape engine, and several elements are holdovers from the DS version of Rayman 2, including the menu fonts, Rayman's model, sound, and animations.


Similar to the console version, Rayman is relaxing in the forest as usual, until the Rabbids, which are invading the planet, capture him and take him away to face many challenges awaiting him in the Colosseum, where he has to collect 100 trophies to open up the doors that lead him to the Rabbid Droid.


Each level is entered at least once when they are available, and at first the player plays a traditional platforming map. Unlike many of the other games in the series, the game instructs the player to follow certain numbered paths for each challenge, some of which cannot be accessed without certain abilities. There are seven abilities in total, four of which combine elements with a few of the costumes used in the console game, and they are hidden away in presents. Once a level is complete, the player then has to pass a minigame using the DS stylus.

This is then followed by a level in which Rayman is running automatically, and the player has to guide him through various obstacles using a combination of the stylus and the costume powers. Along the way there is a certain number of trophies to find and pick up, often the player sees signs directing to which way the trophies are situated in.

Familiar Rayman 2 elements are present in the game, such as Yellow Lums and Purple Lums. Unlike previous titles though, Yellow Lums are used to be thrown at enemies for a stronger shot than the ordinary fist, and can be topped up by plentiful supplies such as bags and crates full of them. They are also used to pay for health that is accessed through a stone with red, heart shaped Lums hovering over.


Like the Game Boy Advance version of Rayman Raving Rabbids, the costumes featured in this version have a different purpose each and are used to get past obstacles that would prevent Rayman from finishing a level. However, their powers completely differ from that in the GBA version, and are represented by a certain colour and element. They are put to use when Rayman stands on a stone (akin to a Stone of Thought) with a symbol that represents a costume that would be most useful for the situation.

In the challenges, they are switched around when the player presses a button that is assigned to a certain costume.

  • Granny (Earth): Creates a giant boulder that can be pushed and then jumped on to reach higher places. Enemies can be squashed while it is being pushed. In the challenge stages, it is used to break, press and drag boxes that are marked with a green X or O.
  • Punk (Fire): Generates bombs that Rayman can carry and throw at either enemies or at red doors that only bombs can destroy. In the challenge stages, it is used to burn away chains that hold wooden planks up or down, as well as destroying all enemies including a red demon that only fire can destroy.
  • Disco (Wind): Makes clouds visible enough to walk on. It is used in the challenge stages to turn fans that move wooden planks up, down or forward.
  • Elvis (Ice): Equips Rayman with three blocks of ice that are used to freeze flaming walls, weak bridges and enemies. In the challenge stages, it freezes sandpits, geysers and waterfalls for Rayman to walk on.


Between a level and a challenge stage, the player has to pass a minigame, many of which are based on the minigames from the console version of the game. These can be unlocked and played as the player finishes the challenge stages as a reward.

Rayman Gear

At a later point in the game, Rayman has to collect three contraptions that build up Rayman Gear, a flying robot that fires rockets and grabs things with a plunger attached to a chain. This is used mostly to attach to Clark the Superbunny to fly faster, or to reel in the Giant Robot Fish and reveal its weak points, which are fired with rockets. Rayman Gear is also useful when battling the Rabbid Droid.