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Rayman Rush
RRush PS1EUcov.jpg
Published by Ubisoft
Developed by Ubisoft

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Release date 2002
Genre Racing
Gameplay mode 2 Players
Platforms Sony Playstation
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Rayman Rush was a port of Rayman M made only for the Sony Playstation in 2002. While it was the same game as Rayman M both in terms of plot and concept, only the racing half of the game was ported, and there are a lot of differences, probably due to the Playstation's limited specifications, resulting in a poor conversion.

Other Differences

  • The Teensies are replaced by a pink female Globox called Globette who is unlockable, uses Tily's sound clips sped down, and has a brand new theme. Because of this you only start with just foru characters in this version.
  • The menu music is lower in pitch.
  • Each character is now equipped with freeze bullets like in the Rayman M battle games, which freezes a character for five seconds when shot.
  • Some of Rayman M's bonus levels now use textures and are made into proper levels.
  • The Water Canyon level has a new map.
  • The game has a different ending, which is shown after beating just the Championship.
  • Only 2 players can play together this time.
  • While it also has the same intro as Rayman M, the part which introduces the Teensies was removed.
  • The Popolopoï mode is renamed to "Target Mode", and a time attack mode was added.
  • The Lums Mode is now all about collecting as many yellow Lums as possible while running against another character.
  • Tily's voice is apparently a mix of her voice clips and Ly's, which are sped up.

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