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Razorwife (sometimes known as Mrs. Razorbeard) is a Robo-Pirate that appears in Rayman M and its PlayStation port, Rayman Rush, as an unlockable playable character. As her name suggests, she is Razorbeard's wife.


Like her husband, Razorwife has a peg leg and is about the same size as him, but she dresses much more flamboyantly by wearing a yellow dress, pink polka-dot bloomers and pink sunglasses, and has her blue "hair" up in a Marge Simpson-like style. She also lacks the metal "beard" Razorbeard has, but instead has what looks like a pair of buckteeth.


She is similar to Razorbeard in personality in that she is bad-tempered and bossy. Though this is a bad point, as she tends to boss her husband around. She also likes opera.