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Alignment Bad

Appears in Rayman M
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Portrayed by Lee Delong

Sex Female
Species Robo-Pirate
Status Competitor

Relatives Admiral Razorbeard (husband)

Unnamed mother-in-law

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Her more refined and fashionable appearance (sunglasses, dress etc.) thinly veils the same traits as her horrible husband, only worse...
—Manual, Rayman M

Razorwife (sometimes known as Mrs Razorbeard) is a character that appears in Rayman M, Rayman Arena and their PlayStation port, Rayman Rush, as an unlockable playable character. As her name suggests, she is the wife of Admiral Razorbeard.



Like her husband, Razorwife has a peg leg and is about the same size as him, but she dresses much more flamboyantly by wearing a yellow dress, pink polka-dot bloomers and pink sunglasses, and has her blue "hair" up in a Marge Simpson-like style. She also lacks the metal "beard" Razorbeard has, but instead has what looks like a pair of buckteeth.


She is similar to Razorbeard in personality in that she is bad-tempered and bossy. Though this is a bad point, as she tends to boss her husband around. She also likes opera, which is her theme in Rayman M.

The manual for the GameCube and Xbox versions of Rayman Arena offers the following description of Razorwife:

Profession: THE Bad Guy's wife.

Likes: Feeding her carnivorous plants, ordering her husband around, and long-lasting make-up
Dislikes: Her husband bringing his work home, dishes badly washed, and her mother-in-law (who blames her for Razorbeard's failure in his career as THE Bad Guy).

Address: Villa "Home Sweet Home" – in the kitchen next to the rolling pin.