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Report Nº 20Z is a series of six brief stories which originally appeared on the official Rayman 2 website. The first four stories describe the events leading up to the Robo-Pirate invasion, and the last two stories are confidential Robo-Pirate reports on the actions of Rayman and the other rebels.


The report

Take a look at the confidential report: N° 20Z ... before submission to Razor Face![1]
Clark and Rayman rescuing Globs.

Season of Senses, 5th moon

After Clark and Rayman rescued Globs, one of Globox's 35 sons, our friends fell prey to a gang of zombie chickens! But our heroes were ready for them and the chickens got plucked! (...and the zombies lost a few feathers along the way, too.)[2]

Globox shows Rayman his new power: the Rain Dance.

Season of Blue, 1st Moon

Like certain other members of his strange race, Globox possesses The Gift, a magical power that he can't always control. Globox has discovered a new power: when he does his fire dance, it rains![3]

It was a memorable battle... finally the pirates escape from the ship in an emergency capsule. Have a glance at the most romantic wall paper you've ever seen![4]

Season of Waves, 9th Moon

Ly and Rayman have managed to repel the Robot pirates' first raid. It was a memorable battle, finally ended when the pirates abandoned ship in an emergency capsule. Ly is a wild and independent fairy. She dresses like the People of Prhys, shares their secrets, and, like Rayman, protects them from harm[5]

Admiral Razorbeard and his Robo-Pirate servants practice their marksmanship in preparation for their full-scale invasion of the Glade of Dreams.

Untitled fourth story

Before they to set out to pulverize their favorite targets, Razor Face and his cronies brush up on their marksmanship by shooting cannonballs at statues of Rayman. The first time they met, Razor Face wasn't crazy about the welcome he got from Rayman and his friends. So this time, he's back with his entire crew.[6]

Clark and Rayman freeing a group of prisoners.

Report 020 Z - Agent Red-Rum-2

Despite my eagle-eyed surveillance, two entities infiltrated Detention Quarters PAF-4. A Fat Yellow Thing moved the stockpile of explosives, clearing the way for a group of prisoners, while a potato-headed eggplant smashed the lock open with his fist.[7]

Report 203 - R Agent Bloutch-V1

At 0805 hours, as I was lubricating my soldering visor, I was decked by a UIP. This set off the first fire at the Rapid Oil Change Station.

Note: I am waiting for a new flaming Oil Change system.

End of Report

  • UIP = Unidentified Projectile[8]