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The Chair Ride is a mini-game level from Rayman 2: Revolution, though prior to the game in Rayman 2: The Great Escape it was the first segment of the Top of the World.


Located deep in the swamp is a special chair--anybody who rides it finds themselves on a wild rollarcoaster ride through many dangerous obstacles. In Rayman 2, the ride passes through a forest and some pipes (it is also well to note that in Rayman 2 the ride begins in a Canopy-like setting instead of a swamp). In Revolution, the ride passes through a forest and then arrives at a seaside cliff covered in barren rock and dead trees. In both versions, many pirate fortresses stand in the chair's way.

As a Level

The chair ride is a unique segment of the game in which the player must tilt the control stick/pad left or right to spin a speeding chair either clockwise or counter-clockwise so as to avoid incoming obstacles. However, the story behind the chair is different depending on the version.

Rayman 2/Rayman DS

Before Rayman arrives at the beginning of the Top of the World level, an Ape Pirate rides the chair out of a hidden Robo-Pirate Fortress. It lands on a small cliff with a crash, and gets up just as Rayman arrives via a Magic Spiral Door. The Ape Pirate is quick to attack Rayman, but Rayman dodges onto the chair. Suddenly the chair takes off, rendering Rayman almost helpless. He must dodge pipes, fortresses, lasers, and grates before he may successfully arrive at the fortress.


Before Rayman may request that Ly the Fairy take him to the Chair Ride, Rayman must have collected 10 Fairy Familiars. Afterwards, the Chair Ride will always be available at Ly's House, Ly's Stella, and Ly's Rock.

After Ly transports Rayman to the swamp, Rayman must leap onto a speeding chair. The chair sends him on a wild ride through forests, mountains, and other scenic locations. To successfully complete the level, however, Rayman must collect EVERY Red Lum on his first try--if he misses even one, completing the ride will not count and he must start over again without any Red Lums.

The Chair Ride is Rayman's first opportunity to increase his HP bar in Revolution. However, to do so every Red Lum must be collected. The Chair Ride in Revolution is notably harder than its Rayman 2 counterpart, especially due to this added requirement.



Level Details

Rayman 2/Rayman DS

see Top of the World


Chair Ride => Walk of Life

  • Level Type: Swamp
  • Number of Red Lums: 20
  • Required Fairy Familiars: 10