Sea of Serendipity

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Sea of Serendipity
Sea of Serendipity
Gourmand Land Mystical Pique
Connected to Angsty Abyss
Angsty Abyss
Angsty Abyss
Luscious Lakes Moody Clouds
Connected to Sea of Serendipity
Sea of Serendipity
Sea of Serendipity
Gourmand Land Mystical Pique
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The Sea of Serendipity, later revisited as the Angsty Abyss, is the fourth world in Rayman Origins.

Footage shows Rayman and Globox swimming near the sea floor, surrounded by marine life. They are chased by gigantic aquatic creatures. Above the surface of the ocean, a tribe of Globox's species lives in a village supported on stilts.

Sea of Serendipity

This is where you have to save the Ocean Nymph Annetta Fish, which will give you a power to dive. With this power, you can go deeper to the sea and rescue the Electoons being held there. Reach Bad Bubbles and Beyond and pass the next world!

Angsty Abbyss

And this is where you must pass thru the deeper ocean in the glade, full of nightmares. Then, you must fight the Creveton, the fourth king... Now, when all kings are free, you can return to the Moody Clouds.


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