Sea of Serendipity

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This article is about the world in Rayman Origins. For the world in Rayman Adventures, see Sea of Serendipity (Rayman Adventures).
Sea of Serendipity
Sea of Serendipity
Gourmand Land Mystical Pique
Connected to Angsty Abyss

The Sea of Serendipity, later revisited as the Angsty Abyss, is the fourth world in Rayman Origins. This world composes of dock environments and friendly and dangerous underwater elements. Naturally, the heroes acquire the power to swim, by saving the fourth Nymph Annetta Fish from a Darktoon. This world is the first one to not have any relation to one of worlds from the original Rayman game.

Sea of Serendipity

At start of the world, above the surface of the ocean, a tribe of Globox's species called the Red Wizards live in a village supported on stilts. Once the team of heroes save the Ocean Nymph Annetta Fish, she will give them the power to dive. With this power, the team can go deeper into the sea filled with lighted and dark caverns, and enemies like jellyfish, tentacle claws, Sea anemone, and Redfish.

Angsty Abyss
Angsty Abyss
Luscious Lakes Moody Clouds
Connected to Sea of Serendipity

Angsty Abbyss

After the team completes Luscious Lakes, they come across Angsty Abbyss. Similar to its counterpart, the team will have to swim through the caverns deep in the sea. The heroes will then have to fight the Creveton, the final of the Four Kings. If the kings were saved in order, the players can return to the Nymphs in Moody Clouds.

Sea of Serendipity
Sea of Serendipity
Gourmand Land Mystical Pique
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Sea of Serendipity, along with the other Origins worlds, make a return in Rayman Legends. In order to unlock it, the player will have to collect lucky tickets throughout Legends. After some of the levels from Jibberish Jungle, Desert of Dijiridoos and Gourmand Land are unlocked, the first level Freaking Flipper, will be unlocked, and the world's lock will break, therefore allowing the player to play the level. The levels from Sea of Serendipity and Angsty Abbyss fuse together into one world. Not every level from those two worlds appear here.