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Skins are unlocked in Rayman M/Arena/Rush. Most of the characters earning them in Rayman M, but all the characters get a skin in Rayman Arena and Rayman Origins. Each character unlocks up to three skins in Rayman M, but in Rayman Arena, all competitors have four skins each, except for Dark Globox, Rayman, Tily, Razorbeard and Razorwife, who only get one. Each skin (but Rayman's) changes the beat for the character's theme to what it is most suited to (e.g., Globox has his strawberry skin and is racing in the Extreme League. The beat for the Extreme League racing is fast, and the beat for the Advanced League is light and watery. Globox's skin will change the beat from the Extreme League to the Advanced League.). But if it is in its League, it will change to the Beginner League's beat (thumping in the background). The skins do not have this effect on battles. It is unnoticeable, but may be true that the skins in their league make the event slightly easier.

In Rayman Origins, there are 16 playable characters with different skins based on the original animated models of Rayman, Globox and the Teensies. Each character has an unique appearance and a backstory slightly hinted by the Bubble Dreamer's comments at the Snoring Tree, but their movements and animations are the same. As an exception, Globox Rayman and Red Globox appear to be Rayman and Globox themselves, but with a different colour palette. New characters are unlocked in bubbles by collecting a certain number of Electoons indicated by Murfy at the Snoring Tree. After beating the Land of the Livid Dead, players are able to choose the same character, and play using the same skin.

Promotional art for Rayman M showing Globox's different skins

Rayman M / Rayman Arena / Rayman Rush


Rayman's only alternate skin is Dark Rayman.


One of Razorbeard's skins is him covered everywhere with very dark navy blue, apart from his buckle, which is gold, and his eyes, which are glowing red. His other skin is all of his clothes are coloured blue and white in stripes, his hat is completely blue, apart from the skull and crossbones which is white. He also has a slight shade of blue on his head.


Globox's Advanced League skin is him having a strawberry colour scheme skin. His Expert League skin is him wearing Rayman's shirt, which doesn't fit him, and Rayman's topaz colour skin. His Extreme League skin leaves on his head and the same colour skin for his body. In Rayman Arena, he has other skins, one which is him having yellow skin all over him, apart from his head, and is blue flowered, and another which is him wearing a white and black striped jacket and pants, a white shirt and a black tie, in an homage to the title character of Tim Burton's film Beetlejuice. One of his beta skins is similar to Superman's outfit.

Henchman 800

Henchman 800's Advanced League skin is a metallic green, and a small, human like eye, with his other completely pink, which could be possibly a brain. His Expert League is a gold and dark red paint job. His Extreme League skin is a wooden plating and hints of green paint. In Rayman Arena, his whole body is painted with silver, with a few holes in his arms and chin. He is also painted with a few strips of red.


The Teensies Advanced League skin is them wearing cream colour clothes, a green crown with a hint of purple at the top and red skin. Their Expert League skin is them wearing blue robes and a blue crown. They still have a white skin but have larger eyes. Their Extreme League skin is them wearing leapord skin robes and crown, and their skin is brown.

Henchman 1000

Henchman 1000's Advanced League skin is a fine silver body with a purple hat and legs, and his eyes are bright yellow. His Expert League skin is a red and yellow paint job. His Extreme League skin is yellow and green paint job with black dots over his body and wonky eyes.


One of Tily's skins is her skin is a slightly more dark cream colour, she has purple stripes over her skin, her hair is purple and she has more visible eyelashes, almost like that of Ly.


One of Razorwife's skins is her hair and her sunglasses is now gold, and she now wears a silver dress.

Dark Globox

One of Dark Globox's skins is cyan skin, making him look very similar to Globox. Another of of Dark Globox's skins is red skin, making him look very similar to Globette.

Rayman Origins

Rayman wearing a Globox skin.


Rayman only has two skins. DarkRay, Rayman's evil clone, and Globox Rayman, who appears to be Rayman himself wearing a Globox skin. Tarayzan was going to be a skin, but was removed from the final game.


Globox has two skins like Rayman, Red Globox, who appears to be Globox himself before turning blue, and Glombrox, an evil Glute and possibly an evil clone of Globox. Globox's wife, Uglette was going to be a skin, but was removed during development.


There are several Teensies skins in Rayman Origins. Green Teensie and Goth Teensie are the starting teensies, then a Teensie cosplaying as Rayman called Teensie Ray and a Teensie cosplaying as Globox called Globteen are unlocked. Later there are Female, Wizard, Grand Minimus, Ninja, Fire and the Original Grand Minimus'.