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Snakes on a Cake is the fifth level of Fiesta de los Muertos, the third world of Rayman Legends. In this level, the heroes will encounter many dangerous spiky snakes that sometimes can help them by their way of eating cakes. They will also encounter the third Dark Teensy.

Snakes on a Cake
Snakes on a Cake
I've Got a Filling Sprint for your Life
World Fiesta de los Muertos

RL-Teensy.png 10

150 Lums
300 Lums
450 Lums
600 Lums



This level is one big area. Near the start, Rayman and his team find a reappearing spiky snake eating the same part of a large cake. This can be beneficial to the heroes as it can help them find a Teensie cage or to advance the level. In the background and foreground, the heroes can see several creatures playing instruments to create a tune. The first secret area can be found by going up to the top of a certain cake. After avoiding a large spiky snake, the team will go through a funnel to shrink. Very shortly, they find a Luchador jumping down to squash a cake. The second secret area can be found by going to the top of the level again near a large cake. More spiky snakes begin to appear as the heroes continue on. The first Skull Coin can be acquired by quickly reaching a bouncy skull that is only visible when a spiky snake eats a part of a sharp cake. The second Skull Coin is near the bottom, behind a cake. After safely gliding down, the heroes find the third Dark Teensy, squeezing the nose of a girl Teensie. As he spots the players, he straps the girl to his mechanical vehicle and flies away. The heroes must chase him down for the rest of the level. After running for some time, the girl squeezes the Dark Teensy's nose and escapes to the heroes. The Dark Teensy makes a remark then flies away, completing the level.

Queen Teensie area

All the team needs to do is kick the soccer ball at the right spot at the right time to destroy the Teensie cage.

King Teensie area

For the most part, the team needs to follow the huge spiky snakes to find the cage, while avoiding the sharp cakes.

Snakes on a Cake - Invaded
  Fiesta de los Muertos


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This level is invaded by enemies from 20,000 Lums Under the Sea. It features Underwater Toads and Sharkmen. It also features geysers (which are also from the 20,000 Lums under the Sea world) near the end.

It is unlocked once the original level finished and if the player(s) get far enough in the world 20,000 Lums under the Sea.

The level is the beginning of the original one. However, because there's no more snake or Luchador to create a path through the cake, the player(s) are given Blue Punches by Gandalf in order to do this task and clear the way to the Teensies.

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