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Unlike [[Rayman 1|the original game]], the player can advance to the final boss level without freeing all 80 cages. The cages in this game are a lot smaller this time, and are mostly hung from ceilings and posts, containing several kinds of creatures and spirits such as [[Teensie]]s, [[Familiar Spirit]]s (''[[Rayman Revolution]]'' only), [[Deny]]s, [[Ludiv]]s (PlayStation version only), and both [[Yellow Lum|Yellow]] and [[Purple Lum|Purple Lums]]. Also unlike [[Rayman 1|''Rayman'']], they do not appear by touching certain areas in a map, though some are hidden and can only be reached after [[Rayman]] receives certain powers, so the player would still have to backtrack. [[Rayman]] would know that one is near by hearing the sound of a prisoner crying for help. For every ten that he destroys, his life bar increases, though in ''[[Rayman Revolution]]'', it indicates that [[Rayman]] has enough Familiar Spirits to unlock another of [[Ly the Fairy|Ly]]'s minigames (which, when completed, will increase [[Rayman]]'s maximum health).
In the non-Sony versions of the game, cages contain Lums, with the end-of-level cages containing Teensies. In the PSX version, however, cages are far more abundant throughout the levels and when broken, a Ludiv, Greenbottle, or Deny escapes. After extending Rayman's life bar and refilling his health, they leave.
The introduction of [[Familiar Spirit]]s in ''[[Rayman Revolution]]'' leads to an interesting discrepancy. In many levels in ''[[Rayman 2]]'', the exit portal is opened by a [[Teensie]] locked in a cage near the end of the level. Therefore, these cages are also present in ''[[Rayman Revolution]]'', for the sake of continuity. However, unlike in all other versions of ''[[Rayman 2]]'', they do not count towards the total, since they do not contain [[Familiar Spirit]]s.


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