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== Cages in ''[[Rayman Legends]]'' and ''[[Rayman Adventures]]'' ==
[[File:On Top of Old Smokey - Back to Origins 6.jpg|thumb|right|[[Lum (UbiArt games)|Lum]]s can be found in cages.]]
There are a total of 700 [[Teensie]]s that have been captured in ''[[Rayman Legends]]'', most of which can be found in the various levels. Each level has either three or ten [[Teensie]]s. They can be found imprisoned in the traditional cages, tied to a posts or in the hands of certain enemies. The levels with ten [[Teensie]]s have two of them, a king and a queen, hidden in secret rooms. Unlike ''[[Rayman Origins]]'', these usually don't require the player to defeat enemies, but rather survive a small obstacle course and hit the cage with a soccer. Some [[Teensie]]s cannot be freed in the traditional manner and are instead found by winning them via [[Lucky ticket|Lucky Ticket]]s.

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