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[[File:RR-PS2-PirateCage-TheWoodsOfLight.jpg|320px|thumb|right|A pirate cage, as seen in ''[[Rayman Revolution]]'']]
Unlike In ''[[Rayman 1|the original game2]], the player can advance to the final boss level without freeing all 80 '' cages. The cages in this game are a lot smaller this time, and are mostly hung from ceilings and posts, containing several kinds serve two purposes: some of them contain creatures and spirits such as that [[TeensieRayman]]smust free to advance, such as [[Familiar SpiritSsssam]]s (''[[Rayman Revolution]]'' only)the snake, [[DenyTeensie]]s, who open [[LudivSpiral Door]]s (PlayStation version only)for him, and both [[Yellow Lum|Yellow]] and or [[Purple Lum|Purple Lums]]s that allow him to get to places out of reach. Also unlike [[Rayman 1|''Rayman'']], they Others do not appear by touching certain areas in a mapinvolve mandatory gameplay elements, though some are hidden and can only be reached after [[but count towards Rayman]] receives certain powers, so the player would still have to backtrack. [[Rayman]] would know that one is near by hearing the sound of a prisoner crying for help. For every ten that he destroys's total, and extend his life bar increases, though in ''[[Rayman Revolution]]'', it indicates that [[Rayman]] has enough Familiar Spirits to unlock another of [[Ly the Fairy|Ly]]'s minigames (which, when completed, will increase [[Rayman]]'s maximum health).
In Unlike the non-Sony versions of original ''[[Rayman 1|Rayman]]'', it is possible to advance to the final boss and complete the gamewithout freeing all cages, however the maximum life bar can only be achieved by getting them all. The cages contain Lumsin this game are a lot smaller, with and are mostly hung from ceilings and posts. [[Rayman]] can usually know that one is near by hearing the end-sound of-level cages containing Teensiesa prisoner crying for help. In Also unlike the PSX version, howeverfirst game, the are no cages are far more abundant throughout the levels and when broken, that only appear by touching certain areas in a Ludiv, Greenbottlemap, though some are hidden or Deny escapes. After extending can only be reached after [[Rayman's life bar and refilling his health]] receives certain powers, they leaveso the player would still have to backtrack.
The introduction ===Original (PC, N64) and Dreamcast versions=== There are 80 cages in this game, and all of them count towards the total. Every 10 cages freed extend Rayman's life bar and also fill it to maximum. Cages that do not contain creatures required to advance typically contain [[Familiar SpiritYellow Lum]]s, [[Super Yellow Lum]]s in '', or, on rare occasions, [[Rayman RevolutionRed Lum]]'' leads s. It is, therefore, almost impossible to an interesting discrepancyobtain all the lums in the game without also finding all the cages.  ===Playstation version=== In many levels in ''this version, cages contain [[Deny]]s, [[Ludiv]]s or [[Rayman 2Greenbottle]]s. Each one freed increases Rayman'', s health a little bit before leaving. In the exit portal is opened by a [[TeensieHall of Doors]] locked in a cage near , next to each level the end individual number of different creatures that should be freed is displayed, but while playing the level, only the total number of cages is shown, without the breakdown. ThereforeFor continuity purposes, creatures required to finish the levels (such as the Teensies) are still locked in cages, but these cages are also present in do not count towards the total. ===Playstation 2 version (''[[Rayman Revolution]]'')=== In this version, for the sake cages contain [[Familiar Spirit]]s - a total of continuity80 in the game. HoweverInstead of automatically extending Rayman's life bar, unlike every 10 spirits released unlock a new challenge mini-game in all other versions of ''[[Rayman 2Ly]]'s locations. Only completing the challenge will extend Rayman's life. Like the Playstation version, they ''Revolution'' also includes special creatures in cages that do not count towards the total, since they do not contain [[Familiar Spirit]]s.
===Cages in ''[[Rayman 2 Forever]]''===


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