Spellbound Forest (Rayman 1)

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Spellbound Forest
Spellbound Forest
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Spellbound Forest is the first level in the Game Boy Color version of Rayman. It is built to resemble the Dream Forest from the original game. It is split up into four phases.

Pre-Level Scene

In the game's opening cutscene, the Tings meet a sleeping Rayman and inform him that Mr Dark has imprisoned the Electoons and stolen their energy for himself, throwing the world into chaos and darkness. Rayman determines not to let Mr. Dark do this, and sets out to find him, collecting any Tings and breaking any cages that he finds along the way.

Part 1

The first phase is a straightforward level with no enemies or cages, not unlike the first stage of Pink Plant Woods in the original version of the game, in which it is probably based or inspired. It is designed this way to allow the player to get to grips with Rayman's basic abilities, and the game mechanics. Rayman spawns on a grassy ledge above some water, moving forward he will find his first jump and few Tings to collect. Across the ledge, there is a vine to climb, jumping to the left from the top of this vine will find Rayman his first new lives. Once that is obtained, he can continue right across two further ledges and another vine until he reaches a larger section of land with a swinging Plum. Dropping into a hole below the plum will yield another new life. Riding the plum will gain Rayman his first health upgrade, which also acts as a checkpoint in this version of the game, and lead him to two small ledges, the second of which has the level exit on it. However, Rayman should first drop down between the two ledges and collect the Ubi-Key.

Part 2

This part more complex and longer than the first. There are two cages present, with one of them only being obtainable after the player has obtained the Helico power. There are three lives to be found, as well as the first bonus level.

Part 3

The third part is one of the three levels in the game where the player must avoid rising water, similar to the first stage of Anguish Lagoon in the original version of the game. A short clip will play prior to the start of this stage showing Rayman jumping out of some violent waters, warning the player of the flood about to commence in the new stage. There is one cage and one life to be found.

Part 4

The fourth part is the longest part of Spellbound Forest. There is a large, long body of water Rayman must ride a plum across, while avoiding falling red spiky fruits and piranhas. The only enemies found here Hunters, Antitoons, and piranhas. There is one cage and three lives to be found, with two of the lives not being obtainable until Rayman has the the Helico power. This level also features a bonus level.

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