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Magic Spiral Doors are items from Rayman 2: The Great Escape, Rayman 2: Revolution, and Rayman DS. They are the namesake of the Hall of Doors.


Magic Spiral Doors come in sizes both big and small and resemble small whirling spiral galaxies. Their colors may vary from place to place, being blue with a yellow center in most areas and red with a pink center at Teensie Circles. In the Hall of Doors, Magic Spiral Doors are color-coded: blue doors indicate that a corresponding area still has some Yellow and/or Orange Lums lying about and/or cages still remaining to be broken.

Outside the Teensie Circles and the Hall of Doors, Magic Spiral Doors generally require a certain stone slab depicting a spiral, similar to a Stone of Thought. Occasionally, though, the portals can appear without needing a slab.

Magic Spiral Doors are portals that connect distant places to each other. They are regulated by the Grand Minimus, and are capable of being created by Teensies, Polokus, and the Guardian of the Cave of Bad Dreams. In Rayman 2, the Magic Spiral Doors are connected to one another via the Hall of Doors. In Revolution, Magic Spiral Doors connect to the nearest Teensie Circle.