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Admiral Razorbeard's un-named Lackey is a Robo-Pirate from Rayman 2: The Great Escape, Rayman 2: Revolution, and Rayman DS.


Razorbeard's lackey looks different from the other Robo-Pirates. He looks more like a slightly-chubby pirate with a bandana around his head. Like most Robo-Pirates, he is taller than Admiral Razorbeard.

Razorbeard's lackey was in charge of the ground operations during Admiral Razorbeard's campaign. He was a mechanical genius, and created many dangerous devices.

Role in the Games

The lackey's role in the N64, PC, DC, and DS versions of Rayman 2 is very small. He appears in the cinematics where Razorbeard is informed of Rayman's whereabouts, but little more than that. In every game, however, he debuts in the cinematics prior to the Bayou.

PS Version/Revolution

In the two Sony versions of Rayman 2, the lackey is given much more importance. At multiple points he encounters Rayman and brings with him a difficult challenge. The lackey first strikes chronologically in Revolution, in which he leads the attack on Clark and Rayman at the entrance to the Rainbow Cliffs. His next appearance, also Revolution exclusive, is a boss fight: Razorbeard's lackey jumps into the Boss Biditank to personally battle Rayman. The lackey next encounters Rayman in both the PS and Revolution versions at the end of the Tomb of the Ancients, where it is seen that the lackey is controlling Clark via remote control. The lackey makes his last appearance solely in the PS version at the end of the Gloomy Island, where he makes his last attempt to get rid of Rayman with his remote control Dinosaur. Unfortunately, the remote breaks Rayman escapes. This is the only time dialogue occurs between the lackey and Rayman.

The fate of the lackey is unknown.


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