Swordsman Ninja

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Swordsman Ninja
Alignment Bad

Appears in Rayman Adventures
Location Wild, Wild East

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Resistance 1 HP
Attacks Contact, sword slash, fire sword charge

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Species Ninja

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Swordsman Ninja is one of the enemies introduced in Wild, Wild East and is a new type of enemy that debuts in Rayman Adventures. They are humanoids that wields a katana. They attack the players by either slashing at them when they come in contact with the Swordsman Ninja or the Swordsman charging at them with their fiery katana. If they miss when doing this attack, they will be stuck trying to get their katana out of the place its stuck in. This gives the player an advantage to attack them without having to worry about getting hit. Similar to Minotaurs, they can be found on floating shields.


Swordsman Ninjas are small, pale humanoid creatures with slick, black hair. They have pupil-less eyes. They wear a yellow jackets and pants with black stripes on them. Swordsman Ninjas wield katanas that have golden collars, guards, and handles. The katana's ornaments are black and white.

They are the same size as Minotaurs and have the same body type as them. Swordsman Ninjas share this with their other Ninja brethren, Dual Swordsman Ninja and Hatman Ninja.



  • The Swordsman Ninja's appearance is based on two different sources. His facial appearance resembles that of Bruce Lee as the Swordsman Ninja has the same hair and skin color of the martial artist/actor. The Swordsman Ninja's clothing and katana is a reference to that of the character, The Bride (Kill Bill) from the Kill Bill films.