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Some users that have seen the spoilers say that his name is "Grim Reaper". I'm not sure at all, but if we discover later that his name is different, then we'll simply move the article. --Sergiomonty 02:25, 19 November 2011 (UTC)

Why does the article in the friends category? He stops Rayman from reaching the Land of the Livid Dead where all the evil is coming from.--Yoshidude99 19:13, 11 April 2012 (CEST)

The Grim Reaper never attacks the heroes, and leaves peacefully once his teeth have been restored, so he can't be classified as an enemy. 'Friends from Rayman Origins' isn't perfect, but it's the most accurate way we have of describing him. —Spiraldoor IconSpiralDoor.png 19:51, 11 April 2012 (CEST)
Unless he was considered a Neutral character but still, he never attacks Rayman and/or his friends. --Sparkle.gifHarukaSparkle.gif 20:15, 11 April 2012 (CEST)
I think "neutral" describes this character's stance better, like with Jano. --Cairnie 21:19, 11 April 2012 (CEST)
I believe Jano is a more complex case. Although he accepts to help Rayman to get the Elixir of Life, in the other dimension of the Cave, he attacks Rayman. He also created the Darktoons, which are harmful creatures in both Rayman 1 and RO. --Sparkle.gifHarukaSparkle.gif 22:39, 11 April 2012 (CEST)
Jano is simple. He protects his cave but gives up when defeated.--Yoshidude99 22:54, 11 April 2012 (CEST)
Jano both attacks and helps Rayman, so he can accurately be categorised as both an enemy and a friend. The Grim Reaper remains neutral for most of Rayman Origins and becomes helpful at the end, so I think 'friend' is close enough. —Spiraldoor IconSpiralDoor.png 23:56, 11 April 2012 (CEST)
I'm not sure if "Friend" is a good alignment for the Grim Reaper. He basically works for the Livid Dead, and doesn't let Rayman pass for the entire game. Even though he's redeemed, it was just for convenience, as the heroes just helped him to "feed his ego". Also, the heroes can attack (and presumably defeat) him when he opens the dead door. The Grim Reaper doesn't seem to carry a good relationship with Rayman, so that makes him a neutral character. Thoughts?--Sergiomonty 19:06, 13 April 2012 (CEST)
I'd rather just leave everything the way it is now. There's a bunch of characters who could be considered borderline neutral, or whose morality is ambiguous. If we start creating categories for neutrality, we're going to open the door for endless arguments about whether the Grim Reaper, Eig, Jano, Axel, Umber, the Magician, the Fakirs (etc... etc...) should be considered neutral. It's much neater to split all characters into 'Enemies' (characters that attack you) and 'Friends' (characters that don't attack you). —Spiraldoor IconSpiralDoor.png 21:03, 13 April 2012 (CEST)
Hmm, err... e_e ... I find that move too radical for a simple situation like this. We haven't got deals with alignments before (maybe with the Knaaren but that was a long time ago), there are too many characters that, in fact, are neutral, and should not be judged neither as friends nor enemies. I suggest to bring more users here to give their thoughts about the Grim Reaper.--Sergiomonty 23:07, 13 April 2012 (CEST)
I would only go for the Neutrality if we consider the fact that the Grim Reaper doesn't let Rayman to enter in the Land of the Livid Dead until he gets all the teeth. But in the other hand, he never attacks Rayman or does anything harmful so for me it isn't any problem staying like a friend. --Sparkle.gifHarukaSparkle.gif 02:43, 14 April 2012 (CEST)
Neither tortoises do... and they're neutral. Hmmm... what if we're more specific? we can put "Neutral then Good", right? :D --Sergiomonty 07:06, 14 April 2012 (CEST)

Real name revealed

In the Windows 8 version of Rayman Jungle Run, you can win 18 achievements. All of them are on that website:
If you read some description, you can see that the Grim Reaper/Deadman has a real name: Mister Death.
Everybody is okay to move the page? --Boomboleros7 18:58, 30 May 2014 (CEST)
Definitely! —RRRGBAIcon8.pngRRRGBAIcon0.gifRRRGBAIcon1.png 15:52, 31 May 2014 (CEST)