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Where did you get all this information about these different type of Teensies? It's cool, it's creepy and it's weird - Evil Rayman

It comes from the official Rayman 3 website published in 2003. — Hunchman801 14:56, 20 September 2009 (UTC)
Oh, cool, but that was quite unexpected. - Evil Rayman


Do they actually appear in the Hoodlum Headquarters in game? It's been a while since I've played it, but I only recall seeing blue Teensies in the level. --Steo sig.png 17:46, 26 September 2019 (CEST)

I thought they were only in the Tower of the Leptys. —RRRGBAIcon8.pngRRRGBAIcon0.gifRRRGBAIcon1.png 13:31, 27 September 2019 (CEST)
Same here, but Spiraldoor's edit says they appear in Hoodlum Headquarters also. Just wanted to confirm it. --Steo sig.png 16:48, 27 September 2019 (CEST)
It appears the confusion originates from the fact that they were originally found at the location of the Hoodlum Headquarters, but then the Hoodlums kicked them out as they started building their factories. —RRRGBAIcon8.pngRRRGBAIcon0.gifRRRGBAIcon1.png 12:58, 30 September 2019 (CEST)