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| name = Marsh mosquito
| game = ''[[Rayman Legends]]''
| image = [[File:Mar mosk spritegen.png|Marsh mosquito]]
| source = [https://www.artstation.com/artwork/EV0O8 julien nicolas]
| alignment = Neutral
| appears in = ''[[Rayman 3]]''
| status = Background character
[[Category:Artworks from Rayman Legends]]
'''Marsh mosquitoes'''<ref>This name is not official, for the real one is unknown.</ref> are creatures which appear in ''[[Rayman 3]]'' in [[the Bog of Murk]]. They can be found flying around in swarms, mainly around sources of light. Their appearance has a close resemblance to [[Lum]]s.
<gallery widths="320px" heights="180px">
Marsh mosquito.png|Several marsh mosquitoes flying near a lantern.
{{Rayman 3}}
[[fr:Moustique des marais‎]]
[[Category:Creatures from Rayman 3]]

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E3 Rayman Legends Trailer Toad WIP.jpg
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