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Teensies are small creatures who comprise a large percentage of the Glade of Dreams' sentient population. They are frequently encountered in Rayman 2: The Great Escape, Rayman 2: Revolution, and Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc.


Teensies have pale blue-grey skin and a characterized by their faces, which generally appear quite large due to their long, drooping noses that overlap their grinning mouths and chins. Their noses have elegant spiral markings that are cyan in color, though these markings are only vaguely noticable until Rayman M. Teensies have beady black eyes and small, mitten-like hands that lack any fingers other than thumbs. They are short compared to most of the Glade's denizens, and so will stand on top of one another to look bigger.

The Teensies were created by Polokus to oversee the many passages of the world. As such, Teensies have an excellent sense of direction and know many secret paths. Their greatest secret is the long shortcut hidden somewhere in the world. Many Teensies have the ability to create portals that use the Teensie Highway to quickly link distant locations to one another. Teensies are magical creatures by birth, and as such are able to create Silver Lums. They are very wise, and are powered by Yellow Lums.

The many Teensies are collectively ruled by the Grand Minimus, who reside deep within the Fairy Council.

The Teensie race is a diverse one, and the personality and dialect of a Teensie widely depends on where it comes from. In general, many Teensies are talkative and fun-loving creatures who have a taste for disco.

Female Teensies have yet to make an appearance in any game so far, and so it is unknown how similar they are to their male counterparts. Female Teensies are only subtly alluded to in Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc, in which some Teensies will grumble about needing to attend to their children (of which also have never appeared in any game). Though there exists the possibility that Teensies are hermaphroditic, it is generally regarded that the existence of Teensie wives is more likely.

Role in the Game

Rayman 2/Revolution/Rayman DS

see Grand Minimus, Teensie Ambassador, or (for Revolution only) Crowned Teensie

Rayman M

see Grand Minimus

Rayman 3

In Rayman 3, most Teensies have taken the role previously held by Electoons in Rayman and Denys, Ludivs, Greenbottles, etc. in the many versions of Rayman 2. Though a few Teensies such as the Grand Minimus and the Teensie Doctors have a role in the game's plot and are found elsewhere, most Teensies are found by destroying a cage. If Rayman destroys enough cages in a world, his HP Bar will increase its maximum capacity.

Notable Teensies

Teensie Varities


  • Teensies were originally going to appear in Rayman Raving Rabbids, in which they appeared in some of the early screenshots. However, after the game was remodeled into a party game, the Teensies were cut from the game.