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Teensie Circles are locations exclusive to Rayman 2: Revolution. They replace the Hall of Doors from the original Rayman 2: The Great Escape.


Teensie Circles, each governed by a Teensie, are places where the invisible paths of several Magic Spiral Doors cross. From a Teensie Circle, one can access any nearby Magic Spiral Door. For convenience, the regulating Teensie may opt for an additional Magic Spiral Door to link multiple Teensie Circles together.

Teensies also use the Teensie Circles as meeting places, where they may share stories and recent news with one another. In times of need, Teensies utilize Teensie Circles as military headquarters. Wherever there is a Teensie Circle, a Magic Well is sure to be nearby.

Role in Revolution

At the end of the Forest of Light, the Grand Minimus directs Rayman to the Minisaurus Plains so as to seek out the plains' Teensie Circle. There, Rayman is told that Ly the Fairy is being held in the nearby Fairy's Glade. From then on out, Rayman may return to a Teensie Circle whenever he wishes to be re-briefed on his next objective. Also, if an area lacks any Yellow Lums and Fairy Familiars, Rayman will be informed of such. Whenever Rayman completes a level, he is warped back to the nearest Teensie Circle.

In the game, there are a total of three Teensie Circles--one for every region of the front.


  • All three of the Teensie Circles are strikingly similar to Stonehenge

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