Teensie Highway

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File:Teensie highway 2.5 acarr.PNG
Rayman riding the Funkyboard in the Teensie Highway

The Teensie Highway is a portal that the Teensies made to transport themselves to other worlds. Rayman uses his Funkyboard to skate along the platforms whilst Globox hangs upside-down from a helicoper piloted by a Teensie, which can be seen if Rayman falls off a platform. It grabs him, and places him on a checkpoint that Rayman has passed. The Teensie Highway is filled with many colours and illusions to distract the player. The illusions can be swirling patterns, streams of lines racing past ect. It is also filled with funky music who Globox enjoys as he says at the beggining of the Clearleaf Forest. It is lastly filled with many Jewels to boost the players score.

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