The Amazing Maze

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The Amazing Maze
The Amazing Maze
Up, Up and Get Away! The Great Lava Pursuit
World Olympus Maximus

RL-Teensy.png 10

150 Lums
300 Lums
450 Lums
600 Lums

The Amazing Maze is the fourth level of Olympus Maximus, the fifth world in Rayman Legends. As the level name suggests, it takes place entirely in the labyrinths of the Olympus Maximus.


The form of this level is quite different from that of the other levels of the game. The whole level is made up of square sections. Only one section can be visible on the screen at once, and when the heroes move from one to the other, there is a very rapid transition effect. As such, the secret zones where the Teensie King and Queen are imprisoned are not behind special doors, but are simply normal sections of the labyrinth, somewhat better hidden than the others. A consequence of this is that the King and Queen can't stand outside the doors to these zones, and therefore do not give the heroes hearts when freed.

This form has allowed the developers to create puzzles involving several paths between certain zones, which allow access to different secrets. There are also some zones which invert the screen, in order to increase the difficulty of these puzzles.

Original level

First section

After moving into the labyrinths in the level the Dark Creatures Rise, the heroes fall down into a structure that is quite calm, but particularly complex. They need to explore the labyrinth to advance. Firstly they find zones with minor dangers, for example the second one, in which the ceiling is covered in spikes and can descend to crush intruders. There are air currents in several zones, which allow access to objects (for example Skull Coins) and paths up high. Quite strangely, there is a spiky snake from the Desert of Dijiridoos in one of these windy zones, which guards a Skull Coin. Buzzsaws are another danger found quite frequently in the labyrinth, preventing easy access to some cages. There are spikes on many walls, to prevent the heroes from jumping on them and therefore from solving the puzzles too easily.

After some exploration, the heroes find some zones with more than one way out. Some paths lead to secret zones with cages and Skull Coins, and others allow further progression in the level. Some paths are hidden behind stylised cubes and attention must be paid to the walls to see them. The paths must be explored in the right order, because there are some zones that prevent turning back once the heroes enter into them. The first of these zones, for example, contains bouncy drums, none of which allows to jump into the path from above through which the heroes first enter the zone. This is also where the heroes meet the first Minotaur of the level, who is cleaning the place. Progressing through the labyrinth, the heroes find a puzzle with symbols on the walls, of the same type as those that are found in the castles of Teensies in Trouble.

Finally, the heroes find a Giant Minotaur. When it sees them, an alarm sounds, which causes a red light to flash in the room. The music becomes faster and more orchestrated. The heroes then continue their exploration of the labyrinth, finding more paths and secret zones. They also find a second puzzle with symbols.

At the end of this section, the heroes enter into a zone where two flames come out of the floor to prevent them from turning back. They must break the bones which block the passage to the next zone, below. This zone begins the second section.

Second section

The music stops and the heroes find themselves in a zone which they can't leave. There is a diagram on the wall which shows their current location in the labyrinth. There is also a spotlight illuminating a button on the floor. The only option is for the heroes to press it in order to continue. Another alarm sounds, the music recommences, even more rapid this time, and the heroes are obliged to run, in order to escape the flames that begin to pursue them quickly. This pursuit takes place in a storage area, where there are lots of empty cages (which can be broken all the same) and Minotaurs, doing more cleaning. There is also a cage with a Teensie inside, which mustn't be confused with the empty ones while running from the growing flames. After this there is a zone containing four turrets which shoot missiles. This zone also contains inactive missiles in storage. Also, there are cubes in these storage areas, which are strewn about the place (normally these cubes would be very ordered, floating in the background or foreground). The level finished in an open area, not in the form of a square.

The Amazing Maze - Invaded
The Amazing Maze - Invaded
World Olympus Maximus

RL-Teensy.png 3

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This level is invaded by Dark Rayman. It also features two Minotaurs.

The level is one of the six invaded by Dark Rayman, and is unlocked once the five Dark Teensies are defeated. Unlike the other levels, the levels invaded by Dark Rayman do not require the player to complete the original levels.

Eight sections of the labyrinth are included, but they are connected in a different way from the original level. Also, almost all the spikes are removed from the walls to allow the puzzles to be completed more quickly. A ninth section is added at the end of the level, which somewhat resembles the end of the original level. It contains disordered cubes, like in the storage area, but there are also ordered floating cubes in the background.

In each room, the access to the next one is blocked by a buzzsaw. The player(s) have to activate a lever by attacking it to remove the buzzsaw. Meanwhile, Dark Rayman is chasing the player (or the player leading the group if there are at least two), and the levers are often placed in dead ends, which obliges the player(s) to think about a strategy to activate the lever and head to the next room without being caught by Dark Rayman.


  • For unknown reasons, the two Minotaurs are not present in the Wii U version. However, they do appear in the introduction screen.

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