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The Dark Creatures Rise is the second level of Olympus Maximus, the fifth world in Rayman Legends. It introduces the Hell area of Olympus Maximus and the groups of dangerous dark creatures.

The Dark Creatures Rise
The Dark Creatures Rise
Shields Up... and Down Up, Up and Get Away!
World Olympus Maximus

RL-Teensy.png 10

150 Lums
300 Lums
450 Lums
600 Lums


Area 1

In a volcanic area filled with bodies of lava, Rayman and the team advance forward. They find angry dark creatures that are hungry to bite the heroes. There's too many to defeat with a punch, so the heroes must run away from them. The first secret area is located behind a fake, dark wall. Devilbobs appear as the heroes continue on. The second secret area can be found by avoiding a different group of dark creatures and using the wall run. After dodging more dark creatures, the team finds a strange mushroom near another group. Hitting it will create a light strong enough to kill the dark creatures. Shortly after using the wall run several times, the door leading up to the exit is nearby as well as the second Skull Coin.

Queen Teensie area

The team needs to use their wall run ability to get by the first group of dark creatures. When they land near the cage and Skull Coin, another group of dark creatures is from behind. The wall run needs to be used again to safely reach the cage.

King Teensie area

The team needs to glide while dodging spikes and fiery knives that follow them.

Area 2

As the gang enters through the door, dark creatures can be heard from above. The players must start running to avoid getting hit by them. More groups will attempt to catch the team. The third Skull Coin is near the second group of dark creatures. The next few groups of dark creatures must be avoided by running on the walls. The fourth Skull Coin is on the left side of the wall. To get to the end of the level, the players must body slam on skeletons bones to fall down to the end.

The Dark Creatures Rise - Invaded
  Olympus Maximus


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This level is invaded by enemies from 20,000 Lums Under the Sea. It features lasers, Underwater Toads and mines.

It is unlocked once the original level completed and if the player goes far enough in 20,000 Lums Under the Sea.

This level is the beginning of the temple section from the original level. However, due to the invaders' presence, most of the level is flooded by a green-coloured water in which the player(s) must dive.

The beginning of the level features the deadly lasers from the end of Mansion of the Deep. Like in this level, the players must get between those lasers. The end of the level features underwater mines and currents.


Unlike the other invaded levels from Olympus Maximus, the music played in this level is the slower version of Laser Mayhem.

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