The Dojo

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The Dojo painting.

The Dojo is a location that features in Rayman Legends. It is one of the locations that the Online Challenges can take place in, and is also the setting for the Ninja Dojo and the Shaolin Master Dojo. The theme was later reused for the Wild, Wild East world in Rayman Adventures.


The Dojo is an oriental inspired location with backdrops of rocky mountains with distant buildings and fish-like creatures when outdoors. While indoors, the backdrop is of a red wooden building with doors and windows. Devilbobs are the only enemies that can be encountered here.

It is especially unique among the locations for the Online Challenges in that it doesn't feature a perpetual zone for the player to traverse through. Instead, it offers rooms through which all Lums within must be collected in order to move to the next. Lums are contained in various objects, be they breakable pots, bubbles, or Devilbobs. Due to the constraints of being held in a single room, challenges in this area tend to rely on the player's maneuverability in order to pass various obstacles and room designs. Extra Lums can be collected depending on how long it takes to collect from the object they are contained within, more Lums can be obtained if the object is collected from sooner. These extra Lums are represented by glowing dots around the object, they will disappear one by one as time passes. Objects also may be required to be hit in a certain order, the next object to hit is faded out in such instances.

As Lums are the means of progression, all challenges in the Dojo focus on their collection. Challenges revolve around collecting a set amount of Lums as fast as possible, collecting as much as possible in a given time limit, or collecting as much as possible without getting hit. The difficulty in Lum collection and room hazards vary according to the challenge that was set, and what category of challenge it is (Daily, Daily Extreme, Weekly, Weekly Extreme).