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Top of the World is the strangely named penultimate level before the Sanctuary of Rock and Lava in Rayman 2: The Great Escape and its remake Rayman DS. Top of the World was taken out of Rayman 2: Revolution, and its two segments were put in the form of the Chair Ride mini-game and the second half of the Echoing Caves, probably due to Top of the World's role as a "filler" level in Rayman 2.


The globe's peak is a high-tech Robo-Pirate fortress located far from civilization. The only way to reach the hidden fort is via a speeding chair. The fortress itself is intensely patrolled solely by Barrel Pirates, though Ape Pirates and small outposts guard the entrance. The fortress is characterized by its many red carpet-filled hallways.

As a Level

The Beginning

Rayman 2/Rayman DS

see Chair Ride


see Echoing Caves

The Fortress

As Rayman arrives in the Top of the World Fortress an alarm goes off. The Barrel Pirates are on the alert, and soon Rayman must plow his way through dozens of them. After passing through many crate-filled storage areas, he discovers the Gatekeeper Teensie is nowhere near the exit. Indeed, he must backtrack to search out the Teensie--but once he does, the rest of the level is a cakewalk.

In Revolution, this segment is followed by a Generator Room.



Level Details

Rayman 2/Rayman DS

The Precipice => Top of the World => Sanctuary of Rock and Lava

Level Type: Special/Fortress Number of Lums: 50 Number of Cages: 1


part of the Echoing Caves level

PS Version

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