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Tily is a one-off character who only appears in Rayman M, and its remake, Rayman Rush as an unlockable, playable character. Despite her animal-like appearance, she is a fairy, and is speculated to have been a replacement for Ly the Fairy, who was supposed to appear as a playable character but was scrapped from the game.


Tily is a small young creature that somewhat resembles a canine or perhaps a feline animal. She is orange and pale yellow in colour with dots and swirls over her body, has large blue eyes, and has lilac and gold translucent wings which she uses to glide. Tily also has the ability to shrink her body and turn into a butterfly-like creature. Her official hair colour according to the game is red with pink streaks, though in some of the official artwork it is purple, like Ly's. She also had a skin with similar features to Ly, but it was apparently scrapped from the game.