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Alignment Good

Appears in Rayman M
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Portrayed by Jodie Forrest

Sex Female
Species Fairy
Status Competitor

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A slight, fragile and impish fairy...until the race starts...
—Manual, Rayman M

Tily is an unlockable, playable character who only appears only in Rayman M, Rayman Arena, and their PlayStation port, Rayman Rush. Despite her animalistic appearance, she is a fairy, and is speculated to have been a replacement for Ly the Fairy, who was originally intended to appear as a playable character but was scrapped from the final version of the game. In Rayman M, she is unlocked when the player completes each and every mode in all three levels in the battle side of the beginner league; in the GameCube and Xbox versions of Rayman Arena, she is unlocked if the player wins all three races of the first beginner cup in time attack mode. Of the two alignments of characters in the game - the heroes and the Robo-Pirates - she is on the heroes' side.



Tily is a small, fragile young creature that somewhat resembles a canine or perhaps a feline animal. In certain pieces of official artwork she is depicted to have fangs. Tily is orange and pale yellow in colour, with dots, swirls and stripes over her body. She has large blue eyes, and has lilac and gold translucent wings which she uses to glide. Though she is referred to as a "budding" fairy, Tily also has the ability to shrink her body and turn into a butterfly-like creature. Her official hair colour according to the final game is red-brown with pink and yellow streaks, though in some of the early official artwork it was purple, like Ly's.

In the GameCube and Xbox versions of Rayman Arena, there are three unlockable skins available for Tily, the first of which possibly alludes to Ly - the body is yellow with purple stripes, her hair becomes purple, and her eyes become light green (although Ly's are a darker shade of these colours). These were scrapped from Rayman M and the PlayStation 2 and PC versions of Rayman Arena.


Very little is known about the full extent of Tily's personality due to Rayman M, Rayman Arena and Rayman Rush being her only appearances, though throughout the game, it shows that Tily is an excitable and giggly creature. On the other hand, she seems to be very confident in taking part in the competition and is often mischievous and playing tricks on her friends. She also shows an interest in martial arts, as she is often seen pulling off karate kicks.

The manual for the GameCube and Xbox versions of Rayman Arena offers the following description of Tily:

Profession: Budding Fairy.

Likes: Trampolining on Globox's belly, playing tricks on her friends, and surprise parties.
Dislikes: Getting wet, messing up her magic tricks, and vermicelli soup.

Address: The Glade in the middle of the woods, after the big oak tree, near Miracle Waterfall.


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