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Minko Seven Hundroids
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Favourite game Rayman Origins, Rayman Revolution, Rayman
Favourite character Rayman Origins: Edith Up, Rayman Revolution: Zombie Henchman 800, Rayman: Spider

Gender Male
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Location Bratislava, Slovakia

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Minko 700
Alignment Neutral

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Games that I own

*glitched version...

Favourite games



Own not
Favourite world Caves of Skops
Favourite level(s) Crystal Palace, Eat at Joe's
Favourite RayTunes music(s) 38 - Deep in the Caves, 40 - Lurking in the Darkness, 41 - Party at Joe's

Rayman 2/Revolution


Own yes - PC The Great Escape and PS2 Revolution
Favourite hub (Revolution only) Rainbow Creek/Pirate Factory
Favourite level(s) The Sanctuary of Rock and Lava/Beneath the Lava Sanctuary, The Echoing Caves' PS2 version, The Precipice's PC version
Favourite RayTunes music(s) 092 - The Precipice - The Great Escape, 108 - The Lava Tower

Rayman Origins


Own yes - PC (glitch version), PS3
Favourite world Grumbling Grottos, Luscious Lakes
Favourite level(s) Savage Swarms, Don't Shoot the DJ, Fickle Fruit, My Heartburn's For You
Favourite RayTunes music(s) 043 - Desert of Dijiridoos - Shooting Me Softly (The Swarm)