Yellow Henchman 800

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Yellow Henchman 800
Yellow Henchman 800
Alignment Bad

Appears in Rayman Revolution
Location The Bayou, the Sanctuary of Water and Ice, the Canopy, Whale Bay, the Sanctuary of Stone and Fire, the Echoing Caves, the Tomb of the Ancients

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Resistance 2 HP[1]
Attacks Flamethrower, incendiary bombs, hook

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Yellow Henchmen 800 are a variety of Henchman 800 exclusive to the PlayStation 2 version of Rayman Revolution.


Yellow Henchmen 800 are dressed in a yellow vest and pants with yellow and white stripes. Their visible eye is green like most models of Henchman 800. They have grey coloured hooks similar to those seen on the red model. To attack, they are equipped with flamethrowers, they also can throw cannonballs which start a temporary fire where they land, causing damage when Rayman walks on it. They attack Rayman with their hooks when he's very close.

In Rayman Revolution

Yellow Henchmen 800 are the third strongest model of Henchman 800 that can be encountered in this game, above the green and purple models, and below the red models.

They make their first appearance in the Bayou, and attack Rayman as he attempts to rescue Bzzit. Initially, Yellow Henchmen 800 are more difficult to defeat, due to Rayman's magic fist not being at maximum strength. However, as his fist grows in power, the amount of single hits needed to defeat Yellow Henchman decreases, until it takes merely two shots to fell them. Yellow Henchmen make further appearances in the Sanctuary of Water and Ice, the Canopy, Whale Bay, the Sanctuary of Stone and Fire, the Echoing Caves and the Tomb of the Ancients. They are the rarest Henchman 800 model that Rayman will come across over the course of the game.

A yellow Henchman 800 shooting incendiary bombs
A yellow Henchman 800 firing its flamethrower
A yellow Henchman 800 attacking Rayman with its hook
A yellow Henchman 800 collapsed on the floor
A yellow Henchman 800 standing up again


  1. Yellow Henchman 800s in Rayman Revolution take six blue shots or two yellow shots to defeat.