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Zombie Henchmen
Zombie Henchman
Alignment Bad

Appears in Rayman Revolution
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Sex Male
Species Robo-Pirate

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A Zombie Henchman is a near dead pirate which continues to walk despite severe damage to its components.


Zombie Henchmen have a faded, torn yellow vest and a rusted hook that has almsot fallen off and hangs limply from the pirate's arm. Their eyes are both black and lifeless, and one of their feet are missing, causing them to walk with a limp. Their guns no longer work, so they instead attack Rayman by exhaling clouds of toxic gas. If Rayman stays too close to him, the Zombie Henchman will attack Rayman by swinging his right arm. When first encounters them they appear to be useless pile of wreckage. However, if Rayman shoots them or gets too close, the zombie will rise and begin attacking. After taking enough damage they will return to their crumpled state, but will inevitably rise again unless struck by a fully charged energy sphere.


Zombie Henchmen appear only in Rayman Revolution, and even then are quite rare. Two of them lie outside of the Pirate Factory, perhaps guarding it. Another two Zombie Henchmen also appear when revisiting the Tomb of the Ancients.