Rayman 3 HD Decompressed Textures Archive

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Rayman 3 HD Decompressed Textures Archive

Post by Hakyra »

I will be brief since i don't think this is deserves more time than it needs to:

What's this?
- This are the PS3 textures decompressed using AI, using 1x_DEDXT with ESRGAN, they're not flipped since that's how the textures are. if you need them flipped, just download XNConvert and flip them.

Why PS3 and not 360?
- As pointed out by Icup321, PS3 uses a lot of unused textures while 360 doesn't use nearly as much of them.

What's the difference between Decompressed and Decompressed + Staircase artifact removal?
-Decompressed is just that, Decompressed + Staircase artifact removal uses 2 extra AI's to smooth out the staircasing, however, it alters the colors slightly, and it also makes some textures transparent (dds conversion issue?, it shouldn't break the already transparent ones) there shouldn't be much issue with that since Rayman 3 has hardcoded RGBA texture metadata, if it bothers you, opening up the texture in photoshop and duplicating it's layer once or twice will fix the issue.
Here's an image comparison which i think speaks for itself:

Why do some textures look "weird"?
- The Algorithim works well with most textures, but with others doesn't know what to do and it basically fucks up, any texture with rotated gradients or strange filters applied on top will look weird, some transparency is also broken for whatever reason, i'm not sure what causes this (this won't happen on the Ultimate 4K UHD Mod)

Can i use them in any texture mod?
-Yes! you're free to use them without any restriction, just credit Icup321 for extracting the textures and me for the decompression batch, although i don't recommend using them if you're gonna use them as a base for any AI upscale project, we tried and they look worse than PC.

Are these gonna be used in your upcoming Rayman 3 Ultimate 4K UHD Mod?
-No. These textures are far too blurry when upscaled and look worse than the PC ones when upscaling, however i will use some of them depending on the results.

DECOMPRESSED: https://mega.nz/file/Aopm0KjC#YfzqMBEWa ... KUVTeVA5DE
DECOMPRESSED + STAIRCASE REMOVAL: https://mega.nz/file/hw4kxDBI#saVkEdOlh ... pBNzYxnjjI
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