Help with Rabbids Party of Legends

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Help with Rabbids Party of Legends

Post by agonzalez »

I understand that this may be a weird request knowing the "fame" these characters have amongst the Rayman Community, but you may be the only group of people who can help us out on this matter with all of your abilities and tools

First, some context, Rabbids Party of Legends was a recently released Rabbids Game that was launched on many Platforms like Switch, Xbox, Playstation and even Stadia. A PC version is also available for purchase but sadly there seems to be no trace of its presence online: there are no videos of pictures of this version and there aren't even specifications for set version (Space required for installation, RAM needed, which Video Card to use, etc.).

The thing I am looking to do is to find someone or something that can crack this Version/Port so I can install it in my computer and see how it runs, how it works and how it plays to help many Rabbids Fans around the world to not only gain access to this game (since it took us all weeks to get it overseas with "#OperationShanghai" due to the fact it was a Chinese-Exclusive Title back in the day), but also to promote a Rabbids Game that could have a potential Modding Scene (I understand that it is a very far-fetched idea, but I have faith that this could be what the Rabbids Fans need). I sadly don't have the resources to acquire the game in a "legal way" since I don't have any way to pay the game online through the Ubisoft Store due to many events in my country.

If anyone would like to help us with this weird but noble cause or would like to provide an answer regarding this initiative, please leave a comment here and I will respond to it as soon as I can.
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