Stupidest chain of events in a videogame ever

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Dani Brando
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Stupidest chain of events in a videogame ever

Post by Dani Brando »

I randomly remembered something that happened to me in a videogame time ago. I find it funny to this day and wanted to share it.

A bit of context first: the game in question was Resident Evil 4, I was doing ok until the escort missions started then a bunch of silly stuff happened…
(I know there’s a Resident Evil thread but I think this is more about what happened than the game itself)

It all began in a fork where two paths could be taken, there was a hut with a map on a table which told: “We have divided our forces between this two path; one of which with all our men and the other one there is our friend The Giant.”

I read this and though “THE Giant, so only one in the whole game and I already killed him. That path will be empty. See you suckers!”

Wrong!!! They had another one waiting for me on the other side.

Ashley whom I was trying to get out of that place was pointing at the sky like an idiot and then I saw a huge rock on top of a hill, then I shot at it to cause a landslide and hopefully defeat the monster but the rock killed me instead.
Game over nº1.

With a lot of confidence I try the same path again knowing that the monster can’t catch me by surprise again now that I know it is there. I left Ashley next to the door while I entered further into the room. The giant wasn’t there, it disappeared? How is that even possible? A thing that big is hard to miss.
Thinking it was all clear I turned back to get her to move forward and saw her on the giant’s hands already, it snuck up from behind somehow.
Game over nº2.

Still annoyed I decided to better try the other path that is full of zombies, I hid her in a trash container where they can’t see her then jump into a ditch to fight a new monster variant; the chainsaw zombie, they dealt lots of damage but what took me by surprise was how much lead they could take, I ran out of bullets for my main weapon and not even one was defeated (even if I didn’t miss a single shot), very nervously I tried to swap to another one but I press the wrong button on the controller and I call Ashley who left the container and got killed immediately. The Game over screen appears while at the same time Ashley is screaming: Leon! Leon! Come back! Save me! Game over nº3.

I was angry at the time and I replied: “Doesn’t matter how loud you scream Leon is not coming back” Then I left the room and didn’t play for a few days.

I decided to try one last time, “Isn’t there an easier way?” I ask myself. Next thing I pay a visit to the in-game arms dealer I empty half of my inventory and buy a bazooka. “This is the one, only thing I need is to get rid of the giant and that’s all” I think before entering the room.

I defeat the giant and begin to celebrate, but somehow the giant’s body falls on top of Ashley after dying and crushes her. Game over nº4
“Well that’s unlucky but I had enough” I thought and never came back to play the game to this day.

I still have that old save file on my gamecube and I might try to finish it someday but I don’t think nobody will disagree with me saying escort missions are annoying in games.
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