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The Eel activity in Bouncearium.

The Eel is one of the Bouncearium activities available in Raving Rabbids Travel in Time. This activity consists in making a Rabbid bounce in the red jelly chain-suspended platform the longest time as possible in front of a T-Rex skeleton, that falls to the floor from bone to bone. Each normal bouncing gives one point to the score, and squashing against the red jelly floor of the platform gives three points to the score; however, squashing makes the player lose the stability control more easily (due to the rebounding effect from the red-jelly), while the normal bouncing allows the player to steer easily the Rabbid in the red-jelly platform that starts to swing harder to the sides and in more wide angles as long as the player keeps steady in it. If the player gets long enough in the red-jelly platform, the fallen skeleton gets rebuilt again but with bones misplaced from each other. The activity finishes when the Rabbid falls to the Bouncearium room floor.

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