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The Menhir Hills

The Menhir Hills is a location from Rayman 2 and its remakes. It is characterized by its focus on riding Walking Shells, its short length (one of the shortest levels in all versions of Rayman 2), being the only level other than the Fairy Glade and the Marshes of Awakening that Rayman must re-visit at least once to complete the game, and being the first level in the game to give Rayman a sidekick – in this case, Clark the Giant.

The Menhir Hills are mountainous foothills covered with large, pine tree-like boulders known as menhirs, hence the area's name. In most regions of the foothills, barely a sound of life can be heard, though every now and then the falling over of a menhir breaks the silence. Large trees stand as loners in the small clearings that dot the landscape. A great river flows through the Menhir Hills, and bridges are twice necessary to cross them.

The Menhir Hills are in several instances impossibly to cross on foot; similar to Beneath the Sanctuary of Rock and Lava, patches of the hills are engulfed by giant, thorny nettles which can be crossed only by riding a walking shell. These roots occasionally poke out of the walls of the several small tunnels that cut through in the mountainside. In many of the areas where nettles do not grow, the ground is still too steep to cross on foot.

When Admiral Razorbeard seized Rayman's world, the Menhir Hills was the construction site of two Robo-Pirate training facilities: the Military Academy and the Elite Troop Training Centre. These facilities largely cut the hills into three segments.

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Early concept art for Rayman 4 shows a world inspired by Picture City from the original game
Early concept art for Rayman 4 shows a world inspired by Picture City from the original game.

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The Teensies are perfect gentlemen. They shut themselves up in the cages just so the Hoodlums won't have built them in vain.
—In-game description, Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc

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