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The Tower of the Leptys

The Rabbids series, also known as Raving Rabbids and Rayman Raving Rabbids until 2009, is a party and platformer video game series developed and published by Ubisoft. It began with Rayman Raving Rabbids in 2006. The series branched apart after the general positive reception of the antagonists known as the Rabbids in their video games and media, and the very small involvement that Rayman had in the first three games. During this branching process, the Rabbids started their own adventures in Rabbids Go Home, while Rayman returned to his platforming roots in Rayman Origins. The Rabbids are still part of the Rayman universe, as can be seen in Rayman Adventures where they made several appearances, but their role has been diminished since then.

Unlike the Rayman series, the Rabbids series features a universe more focused on real life human civilization, pop culture and satire on society, with the Rabbids exploring Earth and trying to conquer it with the little knowledge they have on the complex human lifestyle.

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A hidden chamber in Hoodlum Headquarters containing statues of Robo-Pirates and a statue of Admiral Razorbeard.
A hidden chamber in Hoodlum Headquarters containing statues of Robo-Pirates and a statue of Admiral Razorbeard.

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Hello Rayman, I'm Betilla the Fairy, and I'm going to help you in your quest. I can give you a new power.

Now you can punch with your fist. Good luck! Press the □ button to punch. The longer you press, the further you punch.

Betilla the Fairy in Pink Plant WoodsRayman

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