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Rayman Junior

Rayman Junior (also known as Rayman Brain Games in the United States, כיף ללמוד עם ריימן in Israel, Rayman Uczy Matmy i Polaka in Poland and Maths & English with Rayman in other regions) is an educational video game based on the original Rayman that was designed to teach children aged 6-8 years old the basics of mathematics and literacy. Many variations of the game are known to have been released for MS-DOS starting from 1996, with the Sony PlayStation version being released in 2000.

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Rayman battling Razorbeard in the Grolgoth.
Rayman battling Razorbeard in the Grolgoth.

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Long ago, the Primordial Forest, deep and mysterious, witnessed the birth of a man... a vegetable... no, no, no: a thingamajig. Conjured from the magnificent moonbeams of the second summer solstice, woven together by us, the nymphs, destined to preserve the equilibrium of the sacred universe, the one we call: Rayman!
Betilla the Fairy, Rayman Origins

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