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Rayman Classic

Rayman Classic is a mobile port of the PC version of the original Rayman game with much of the soundtrack from the PlayStation version. It was released for Apple iOS on the App Store on February 18th 2016 and for Android on Google Play on March 17th 2016. Unlike earlier ports of the PC version, such as the Gameboy Advance and Nintendo DSi versions, this one doesn't leave out any content. The Breakout minigame is present, as well as the short animations shown after each boss-fight. Due to the touch screen oriented nature of mobile devices, the game uses virtual buttons and a virtual analog stick. While the iOS version has support for physical gamepads, the Android version currently lacks this feature even though it's advertised in the store description. As of November 24th, 2016, the app is free with ads. The ads can be disabled through an in-app purchase, though this is done automatically if the player bought the game prior to it becoming free.

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Over 72 million Incrediballs were rescued during 2016 in Rayman Adventures.
Over 72 million Incrediballs were rescued during 2016 in Rayman Adventures.

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The Stones of Thought provide a telepathic link to Murfy. Whenever Rayman needs a little help or advice, he should approach one of the Stones, and Murfy will appear in his mind.

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