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Grolem 13

Grolem 13 (Bigum Aerum Tornadus Recyclus) is a boss character exclusive to Rayman Revolution, located at the end of the Iron Mountains. He is the fourth and last Guardian of the Four Masks of Polokus in Rayman Revolution. He fires icicles, tornadoes and thunderclouds. Rayman must use his magic fist to reflect Grolem 13's electrical clouds back at him, causing them to build up voltage and create a bolt of lightning, which strikes him on his weak head. The battle with Grolem 13 replaces the phase of the Iron Mountains in which Rayman pilots a Warship to rescue baby Globoxes; this section becomes its own level. Unlike the previous Guardians, Grolem 13 has his own unique theme music. The pillar containing his Mask is also noticeably different from the previous three.

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Over 72 million Incrediballs were rescued during 2016 in Rayman Adventures.
Over 72 million Incrediballs were rescued during 2016 in Rayman Adventures.

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The Stones of Thought provide a telepathic link to Murfy. Whenever Rayman needs a little help or advice, he should approach one of the Stones, and Murfy will appear in his mind.

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