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The Incrediballs are a range of creatures that heavily feature in Rayman Adventures.

The Incrediballs originate from the Sacred Tree and hatch from Ancient Eggs. There are various species of Incrediball, who can be equipped in levels to perform various helper actions to improve a player's performance. Once they've been used they'll become exhausted and will need to be fed with food to be used again. Originally, restarting a level would not exhaust them. This was however changed in version 2.2.0 along with food now refilling over time.

There are, as of now, 338 different Incrediballs, spread between various families. The members of a same family share a similar appearance as well as an identical role, which can be either inhaler, seeker or protector.

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Rayman near silver Tings in the cancelled 2D version of Rayman 2.

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