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Betilla the Fairy is a major character in the Rayman series. In the original Rayman game, she is a powerful fairy who uses her magic to grant Rayman special powers that help him to recover the stolen Great Protoon from the clutches of the evil Mr Dark. In the sequel, Rayman Origins, it is revealed that Betilla and her nymph sisters created Rayman in the Primordial Forest to be the protector of the Glade of Dreams.

Betilla is one of the earliest creations of Polokus, making her one of the most ancient creatures in the Crossroads of Dreams. In the original Rayman, she shares only a few attributes of a typical fairy, such as her ability to float in mid-air, and her ability to give Rayman his powers with her magic. She does not have wings, and does not appear to have the elven ears characteristic of other fairies such as Ly the Fairy. She has long red hair, and wears a green and yellow dress, and a hat and shoes covered with blue stars. At the tip of her hat float three pink orbs.

In Rayman Origins, while she retains her long red hair (which has become even longer) and ability to float, she now has small, very translucent wings, wears a bikini top, a short skirt and a tall pointy hat of dark and light green colours, and what appears to be dark green kneesocks that are worn up to her now-existent thighs. She also wears small golden earrings, a necklace and several gold bangles on both forearms.

She appears to be a meditative and peaceful character in both games (despite the chaos Mr Dark has brought upon the valley in the original Rayman), with great wisdom and the helpfulness to guide Rayman throughout his quest and teach him to use his powers effectively.

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Mr Dark using his binoculars to watch Rayman in the original Rayman game.
Mr Dark using his binoculars to watch Rayman in the original Rayman game.

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You enter the world of desserts where Mister Dark is hidden, guarded by clowns carrying out amazing stunts... Be careful, Mister Dark is diabolical.
—Manual, Rayman

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