Globber (browser game)

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The title screen of the Globber minigame

Globber is a Java applet game that was playable on an official Rayman 2 website. The name of the minigame is a pun on that of the popular game Frogger, which has similar game mechanics. In Globber, the player controls Globox – presumably before he adopted a new name and gave his old one to his son. Globox must cross a road while avoiding cars, then cross a river by jumping across logs, making sure not to fall in. He can go forwards and backwards, but not left or right. Crossing the road and river once earns the player 10 points; the game's difficulty increases as more points are earned. Globox has three lives; when all three are lost, the game is over.

The game was lost media until May 7 2024, when it was rediscovered and shared online.

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