Slap, Flap and Go

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The menu screen for Slap, Flap and Go.

Slap, Flap and Go is an online Flash game released to promote Rayman Origins. In the game, Rayman and Globox are standing in the Jibberish Jungle. Rayman is charging his slap, while Globox is jumping up and down. The player must click to make Rayman slap Globox, which, depending on Globox's altitude, causes him to fly and upwards and forwards to some degree. The player then controls the soaring Globox, collecting Lums and avoiding obstacles. Globox has a bar which represents his ability to soar higher by flapping his arms; it can be replenished by collecting red Lums. If the player makes it past the Jibberish Jungle, they reach the Desert of Dijiridoos, after which they reach Gourmand Land.