Solution of the Land of the Livid Dead

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The maximum score in the Land of the Livid Dead is 121,099 points.


Part 1

Almost everything in this part can be taken in a few combos. I’ve made some videos to show how these combos can be played.

1. Get the gems and the Matuvu in combo with the Vortex. (9.260 points)

2. Stack the turtles to enter the platform with the Shock Rocket. Shoot the cages and the Plum. Refresh the Vortex and follow the video. (10.560 points)

The Matuvu Combo

3. The next combo is quite huge, 12.530 points, and it contains almost everything that's left. Throw the Plum on the stick and climb carefully to the next level. Don't touch the red gem above the stick. It may take some practise to do so. Go to the water fountain at the other end without taking any gems. The combo starts there. Follow the video. (26.430 points)

The Hoodlum Combo

4. Get the remaining 2 yellow gems near the secret room. (26.470 points)

5. Get the Vortex and head for the secret room. Jump the see-through boxes and get the yellow gems and make sure the green gem is taken after at least 10 yellow gems, all in combo of course. Continue the combo with the gems on the floor. The Vortex will run out at some point. (40.000 points)

6. Go to the room with the water fountain, climb to the next level and break the cage. Race the shoe and get as many hits as possible in combo. You can get as many as 720 points from the shoe. (40.720 points)

7. Finish the level by breaking the door. (40.720 points)

Part 2

1. Jump the balloons and get the 7 yellow gems in combo. (40.870 points)

2. Free the Teensie and get the Vortex. Jump to the water and head for the Mushroom. Hit it and follow the video. You may want to weaken the Hoodlums beforehand, although it's not necessary. The combo is worth 2.380 points. (44.310 points)

The First Hoodlum Combo

3. Go back to the Vortex, fall down and take the 5 remaining gems, starting with the yellow one. Kill the Hoodstyler, kill the second Hoodstyler and finish the combo with the Hoodstormer. It's a combo worth 1.320 points. (46.490 points)

The Second Hoodlum Combo

4. Get the Lockjaw and take the yellow gems under the hooks, the 4 yellow gems on the platform by the Vortex, and finally get the Pig and the 3 gems up the wooden ladder in combo. (47.030 points)

5. Renew the Lockjaw and quickly head for the next room. Collect the gems as on the video and get the Matuvu and the Tribelle in combo each for 2.500 points. The complete combo is worth 6.580 points. (55.170 points)

The Matuvu - Tribelle Combo

6. Kill the Grim Keeper. (55.420 points)

7. Use the bubble to get to the upper level. Free the Teensie. Use the HMF and break the pig and collect the red gem. (55.560 points)

8. Get the yellow gem at the entrance to the secret room. (55.580 points)

9. Enter the secret room and use the Throttle Copter to pick up the gems. Make sure you get the green gem in combo after at least one yellow gem. Maybe it's possible to pick up 5 yellow gems before the green gem for a combo of 6.000, but I have never succeeded in that. Get as many as possible of the yellow gems in combo. I have conservatively estimated this score to 600 points. (62.180 points)

10. Return to the HMF and break the wooden door. On the scene is now two Hoodstylers protected by a Hoodoo. Hit the Hoodoo two times and hit each Hoodstyler once. (62.200 points)

11. Renew the HMF and quickly run to the scene with the Hoodlums. Hit at one Hoodstyler, who is then protected by the Hoodoo, and kill the other one. Kill the Hoodoo and the last Hoodstyler. If done quickly it can be done before the HMF runs out. (63.800 points)

The Hoodoo Combo

12. Two Hoodstylers will now appear. Renew the HMF and kill them both with one hit. (64.520 points)

13. Renew the HMF and return to kill the last Hoodstyler with one hit. (64.780 points)

The Hoodstyler Combo

14. Now to the last combo in this part. Hit the Hoodblaster two times. Jump from the pig to the upper level. Take the gems, fall down and break the first pig, collect the gems, break the final pig and finish off the Hoodblaster. Quickly use the Throttle Copter to enter the upper level and collect the remaining gems in combo. (65.770 62.160 points)

The Final Combo

Part 3

1. Climb the platform, get one yellow gems, finish off the Hoodblaster, get the HMF and continue the combo with the door. (66.050 points)

2. Continue through the hallway, but don't collect the gems. Enter the Tower of Light.

3. Activate the switch, which raises the platforms. Use the platforms to get to the cage, but don't collect any yellow gems along the way. Free the Teensie and get the Lockjaw. With Lockjaw, return to the ground level and activate the switch once again. This time collect the gems in combo. Continue the combo on the see-through stair. It may take some practise to do so. (66.930 points)

4. Renew the Lockjaw and head back to the hallway where you came from. Collect the gems, leaving the red for later. Finish off the Hoodblaster and rush back through the hallway, get the red gem and continue the combo with the 3 pigs on the right. Finally collect the gems. (68.790 points)

The Pig Combo

5. Head back to the Tower and hit the Hoodstormer four times on the way. Renew the Lockjaw.

6. Exit the Tower and collect the gems on the right. Start with a yellow gem. Fall down and continue the combo with the gems below. Kill the Hoodstormer and kill the second Hoodstormer as well. Get the Matuvu and collect the final 3 gems. This combo is worth 7.160 points. (77.650 points)

The Hoodstormer Combo

7. Renew the Lockjaw and exit the Tower. Collect the gems on the left and break the pigs. Collect the gems and get the Matuvu in combo. Continue the combo with the gems at the lower levels. It's a combo worth of 2.900 points. (81.550 points)

The Matuvu Combo

8. Once again renew the Lockjaw and head for the next set of see-through stairs. After the first stair use the Lockjaw and get to the second stair. Run to the top of that stair without taking any gems. Go to the third stair and get the gems while running to the top. Fall down to the second stair and continue the combo. (82.470 points)

The Stairs Combo

9. Get the gems on the last stair and free the Teensie to get the Vortex. (82.950 points)

10. Go to the ground floor and exit the Tower with the Vortex. Go to the left and enter the level below. Lower the Mushrooms and get the yellow gems in combo. (83.190 00 points)

11. Get the Plum and put it on the stick. Don't break the cage yet. Renew the Lockjaw and quickly get back to break the cage. The Teensie will now open a portal at the entrance of the Tower. Quickly jump the bubbles and enter the portal. Get the gems and kill the Hoodlums in combo. Make sure you kill the Elite Monger as the last thing. The combo should be worth 1.440 points. (85.690 0 points)

The Ground Floor Combo

12. Get the HMF and break the wooden door. Get the gems in combo. (86.190 points)

13. Go to the next level. Hit the Hoodoo three times. Get 4 yellow and 1 red gems and kill the Hoodoo. Finish off the Hoodblaster, get the Shock Rocket and get the remaining 3 red gems in combo. (87.970 points)

14. Open the door using the Shock Rocket. Enter the door and collect the gems. It sometimes happens that the Hoodblaster from the upper level is standing in the doorway. If so, kill him with the Shock Rocket and continue the combo. (88.850 points)

15. Go to the upper level. Kill the Hoodblaster if you didn't do it in the hallway. Ignore the gems and use the Throttle Copter to reach the Lockjaw. Swing the Hooks and head for the top level. Don't take the yellow gems on the way up.

16. Hit the Hoodoo 3 times. Collect the gems starting with a yellow one. Summon the Hoodoo and kill him. Kill the Hoodboom and get the HMF. Break the door and quickly fall down to take the gems below in the same combo. It's a combo worth 2.980 points. (93.190 points)

The Tower Combo

17. Return to the top level and race the shoe back to the ground floor. Take the yellow gems on the way in combo. (93.510 points)

18. Hit the other shoe ten times. (94.230 points)

19. Return to the area where this part began. Get the HMF and weaken the Heckler so one more hit will kill him. Renew the HMF and charge your fist. Get the 4 yellow and 1 red gems and finish off the heckler in combo. Finish the combo with the two nearby Pigs. (96.110 points)

20. Go to the platform with the Shock Rocket. Shoot the Switch and get the remaining yellow gem in combo. (96.210 points)

21. Renew the HMF and take the last 8 gems in combo. Start with the yellow gems. (97.010 points)

Part 4

1. Break the 5 Pigs in combo. (97.100 points)

2. Follow the yellow gem road and get the first 3 in combo. (97.150 points)

3. Try to combo the next 15 yellow gems. (97.450 points)

4. Get the next 6 yellow gems in combo. (97.570 points)

5. Combo the Leviathan with a yellow gem and continue the combo with a few more yellow gems. (100.630 points)

6. Get the remaining 3 yellow gems in this room. (100.680 points)

7. Head for the exit and get the 9 yellow gems, combo as many as possible. (100.800 points)

Up until now all available points have been counted (of course one cannot keep scoring after 99.999 points), but in fact one needs exactly 93.859 points after part 4 in order to reach the maximum score for this level, which is 121.099 points. Thus mistakes are allowed in the previous parts, or some combos can be made shorter. Who in their right mind would want to hit the shoes ten times in combo for instance? Recommended scores after each part:

Part 1: 38.500 – 39.500 points Part 2: 61.000 – 62.000 points Part 3: 90.200 +/- 100 points Part 4: 93.859 points

Part 5

1. Shoot the Rocket through the hole in the fence and direct it to the switches in the ceiling. This opens the secret room.

2. Kill the 5 Hoodblasters in combo with the Shock Rocket. The fence will now open. Continue the combo with the yellow gem on the right. Collect the first two red gems on your left as you pass them. Get the red gem farthest away and continue with the red gem in front of the first green gem. Get the remaining red gem and finish with the last green gem. It is of vital importance you finish with a green gem. You have to move really fast or else the Shock Rocket will run out. (121.099 points)

The Green Gem Combo

Part 6

Just enjoy the ride with the great feeling of having reached the maximum score.