The Clown in Love

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The Clown in Love is an activity in Rayman Activity Centre. It is accessible via the world map. Players are given a chance to control a Big Clown from the first game who is in love with a girl who they describe to have 'beautiful blue eyes'. Nothing else is known is about her asides from the fact that she seems to share the same feelings back to him. This activity is designed as a spelling exercise for young children, as they have to help the clown spell out words for a love poem.


The player is given the ability to control the clown left and right using the arrow keys, using their bow and arrow to burst all the balloons of the letters given. These spell out words such as 'pretty', and are said to be part of a love poem he is writing.

Level 1

On the first difficulty setting, there is only one row of balloons that are available for the clown to shoot at. Players spell out the word 'pretty'. When the word is completed, the clown gets out an acoustic guitar and sings a love song.

The Clown in Love, as seen on the game's website

Level 2

In this level, the player has to contend with two rows of balloons, and is made to burst a larger amount of balloons. Despite this, the resulting word is 'eyes', which is shorter than the previous level. When this task is completed, the clown plays and sings a rock ballad about being madly in love.

Level 3

On the final difficulty level, the clown suddenly turns upon the player's love interest, asking them to type in their name (although the nature of this activity is highly unusual, as it could be seen as encouraging the four to six year old age group of the game to have romantic interests). The bow and arrow is then used to spell it out again. Although there are only two rows again, the level's length and therefore difficulty depends on the length of the name typed in. After this, a love poem written by the clown appears on the screen, where the Magician informs the player that they can print it out, presumably to distribute to their loved one, or for keeps sake after having completed the activity.