The World of Toys

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The World of Toys, as it would have appeared in Rayman 4.

The World of Toys is one of several environments originally intended for inclusion in Rayman 4. Its existence was only discovered when a single piece of concept artwork for it was released on the Internet in late 2009. It appears to have been a fantastical land imagined under the same philosophy as Band Land, Picture City, Candy Château and, to a lesser extent, the Organic Caves: a world comprised entirely of a particular everyday item. In this case, the theme is toys.

The Child world is based partly upon the World of Toys, and partly upon Picture City.

The Game Boy Advance adaptation of Rayman Raving Rabbids is based largely on abandoned concepts from Rayman 4. The Child world, which contains the first five levels of the game, is an amalgamation of the World of Toys and Picture City, two of Rayman 4's scrapped levels. An examination of the Child world's scenery reveals many items – jigsaw pieces, train tracks, building blocks, bouncy balls, and so on – which are not native to Picture City. Thus it seems likely that these types of items would have been common in the World of Toys, had it made it into the final version of either game.