Rayman 2 PC AI Upscaled Texture Pack

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Rayman 2 PC AI Upscaled Texture Pack

Post by Granville »

I previously created a texture pack for the N64 version using AI upscaling. Now that the PC version supports high res texture loading, I have now created a new version of this pack compatible with that version too. This was created using ESRGAN with the Fatality MKII algorithm, which was pretrained for use with pixel art. It's the best method I found for the Rayman art style. This model is a newer version than the one used for the N64 pack, and the results are quite improved from there.

So without further ado, I present Version 1 of the pack-
https://drive.google.com/open?id=1hzoz6 ... IOWNvvNkO8

To use this, you will need Rayman Control Panel by RayCarrot-

Place the above textures.cnt file inside the Data directory where Rayman 2 is installed. It will overwrite a much smaller file, which you may want to make a backup of just in case.

Next, open Rayman Control Panel and make sure it finds your installed copy of Rayman 2 (you can do this manually if it doesn't). Once you see the "Installed" Rayman 2 thumbnail, click the drop down arrow to the right of the launch button and go to "Options". On the Configuration page, set resolution and such to whatever you like. But make sure the Graphics are set to DirectX. This is very important as glide does not work with this pack unfortunately. Next, click the Utilities tab above this page. Here you will need to apply the Remove Pirate Head DRM setting (i use GOG, if you're using the disc version you may also need to use the disc patch if it gives you the option). Lastly, click Synchronize Texture Info and let the process complete. Hit okay when that's done. You can now close the options and you should be able to play the game with the highres textures applied.

Note that if you have crashing or other glitches, you may need to install dgVoodoo and use it to increase the game's allocated VRAM. 256MB seems to work for me, though you can try increasing it more if you need. Also note that the game has framerate and speedup issues when using the DirectX setting, which unfortunately is currently required for this texture pack. I cannot do anything about this, it happens even without my texture pack.

I'd like to return to this project at some point and also create higher quality versions of the loading screens. This can be done. And will likely be easier in the future with the Raymap project and its free camera control. So consider this version 1 of the pack for now. I've been sitting on this for a few months now and wanted to share it here.
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Re: Rayman 2 PC AI Upscaled Texture Pack

Post by PluMGMK »

Yay, I've been waiting for something like this! :D I'll try it out asap.
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Re: Rayman 2 PC AI Upscaled Texture Pack

Post by deton24 »

Rayman 2 PC AI Upscaled Texture Pack

Dege - the author of DgVoodoo fixed FPS issues with DX6/tex mod in Rayman 2 for us. Replace these files in Rayman 2\DLL folder:


Now the game should keep constant 60 FPS.

Keep scalling in dgVoodoo settings "unspecified" or use the same resolution in ubi.ini like in dgVodooo. Otherwise, the 30 FPS lock will appear again.

To fix some minor texture issues like here I press RBM on dgVoodoo configurator bar,
show all sections,
go to DirectXExt,
and instead of "Depth Buffers" > "App Driven" any other setting (32 or 24 bit) fixes the problem.

"I've had to enable "Fast video memory access" on my RX 580 - otherwise the textures were literally turning into white polygons if they were close to the camera."

If you run the game through Rayman Control Panel you can encounter 30FPS drops -
"there's an option inside of RCP that runs the program as an administrator, that fixed the FPS dips when running the game through RCP"

If someone has issues with small window and low FPS with dgVoodoo and no resolution to choose in dgVoodoo Control Panel, use version 2.55.3. It was on GeForce 9500GT and W10 1903.
edit. The bug is fixed in dgVoodoo 2.7 and later.

Fix for stretched HUD icons (taken from 16:9 widescreen patch)

Open Rayman Control Panel>Utilities>CNT Explorer>Textures.cnt>textures_objects>divers>Import:
>mark and choose extracted folder "divers">wait>close
And optionally (in case of a crash)
Rayman 2>utilities>remove pirate head+synchronize

I've made some screenshots with vanilla vs tex comparisons and also with and without my Reshade - works with dgVoodoo (which I believe requires decreasing luminosity in game options when using tex mod, at least in some areas; it's due to gamma change DX6 vs Glide. In nGlide I recommended set it to 0.7 with Reshade. With dgVoodoo you can try out setting brightness to 92 instead.

https://drive.google.com/open?id=1sNXi5 ... sYGhbv_HUo

For all previous tex mod beta testers - download link of the tex mod in this topic is different, and content most likely changed. Previous is deleted.

If anybody wants a content of ubi.ini with dgVoodoo DX6 ddraw.dll set:

Code: Select all

[Rayman2]Choose = 1GLI_DllFile=GliDX6
GLI_Device=Direct3D HAL
GLI_Mode=1 - 1920 x 1080 x 16
For fixing Polish fonts download this ready modified textures.cnt with tex mod from the 1st post:

Alternatively modify textures.cnt from the first post -
Open Rayman Control Panel>Utilities>Open Space Archives (.cnt)>Rayman 2>Textures.cnt>textures_alphabet>Import
>Polish fonts download (if your custom textures.cnt has broken fonts):
>mark and choose extracted folder textures_alphabet>wait>close>

It's unnecessary if you did that before, but optionally (in case of crashes), go to:
Rayman 2>utilities>remove pirate head+synchronize
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Re: Rayman 2 PC AI Upscaled Texture Pack

Post by Steo »

Nice! I need to try this our as soon as I can. :D
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Re: Rayman 2 PC AI Upscaled Texture Pack

Post by Granville »

The FPS fix didn't work for me...

EDIT- Scratch that, I think I fixed it. I had to launch the game directly, not through Rayman Control Panel. Dunno why this is necessary, perhaps Windows applies some compatibility settings when launched directly from the exe that are necessary for a proper framerate. I told RayCarrot about this, maybe he'll be able to do something about it. But for now, you can still set up the textures and other options via RCP. But just launch the game itself directly via the Rayman2.exe if you want a smooth 60fps.

Scratch all of that, do what deton said to do with the admin option and you should be good.

There are still issues with DX running the game too fast however, not sure if there's a fix for that yet.
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Re: Rayman 2 PC AI Upscaled Texture Pack

Post by Hunchman801 »

I like the idea! Haven't played the game in years, but this is one more reason to.
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Re: Rayman 2 PC AI Upscaled Texture Pack

Post by lojalfan »

Hey, just stopped by to let you know that I've had to enable "Fast video memory access" on my RX 580 - otherwise the textures were literally turning into white polygons if they were close to the camera.
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