"The Twelve Days of Christmas" Game

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"The Twelve Days of Christmas" Game

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The Twelve days of Christmas Thread
Here's how it works.
You know the 12 days of christmas Song, right?
We'll make one here:

A person posts:
"On the first day of christmas, my true Love gave to me"....

The posts are going straight down to 12. No repetition like how the original Song did. Just to avoid spam.

And the he/she Says what they Would want for christmas or got for christmas.
It doesn't have to be true Love. Someone or something else could give you the present.
That present giver changes once the 12 days of christmas start over.
The presents can be Something stupid and the giver as well.

Example: The present giver is a princess:
person 1 wrote:On the first day of christmas, the Princess gave me... A bowl of cooked spaghetti
person 2 wrote:On the second day of christmas the Princess gave me... Two teletubbies.
Etc.. Etc...

After the person Says what they had for the 12th day. Another present giver comes in. First poster chooses and After that, the Song follows.
Remember also to match the number of whatever you want for christmas with the day number like When it is the 2nd day(day 2) you put down two..... Whatevers.
Pictures can be used to make this more hilarious. Just Don't make this a meme festival. Please?
Got it?
Let's play and Season's greeting to you all!

I'll start first.

On the first day of christmas a dodo gave me... An eggplant on a big tree.
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